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    We are Celebrating our 50th Anniversary of
         Serving the Flagler County Community


                Palm Coast Lions Club Officers and Directors for 2023-2024 Lions Year

    (l-r): Joe Langello (Treasurer), Wayne Gile ( Chaplain), Coleen Ochs (1st VP), Mike Ryan (Tail        twister), Nina Guiglotto (President), Amy Dumas (Secretary), Skip Dailey (Membership Chair), Ellen Koehler (Director), Jim Dobrosky (Director), Janet Fonseca (Director) and Ken Crowley (Lion Tamer).

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                  Welcome our newer members of the Palm Coast Lions Club who will all receive their certificates at our next meeting on January 8th, where our mayor will conduct our proclamation for our 50 years of Service in the Palm Coast Community: Pictured: Shara Brodsky, Brian Guiglotto, & Jean-Pierre Dumas.  Not pictured: Kay Click & Staci Rentz.        


 We celebrated our 50th Anniversary Charter at the Grand Haven Golf Club on November 18th, 2023.          



                               To Donate to Palm Coast Charities Click Here

                                                                                   Leos Sorting Eyeglasses

Before our September meeting, 11 Lions and 9 Leos (including advisor Melissa Castaneda), sorted the used eyeglasses that had been collected over the summer. The eyeglasses recycled included: 370 pairs of clear prescription glasses, 190 readers, 170 bifocals, 95 sunglasses, 45 prescription sunglasses and 30 soft cases. Next step in the recycling of these donated eyeglasses is a 5 step cleaning and washing process. Prescription eyeglasses are then sent to the Lions Project Right to Sight to be recalibrated and prescriptions are determined on an instrument which generates a label for the eyeglasses. The glasses are then bagged, tagged and stored at the Project Right to Sight warehouse. Before the Covid Pandemic, a free clinic was held in Orlando, where optometrists donate their time to fit clients with these repurposed eyeglasses from the warehouse. Hopefully, the clinic will resume soon. Often a missionary group will take several 1000 pairs (or more) of eyeglasses with them on a sight mission trip anywhere around the world. The final destination for these donated eyeglasses is the smiling face of a person who can now see better thanks to your donation of these glasses. “Thank you” residents of Flagler County for supporting the Lions efforts to preserve the Gift of Sight for those in need.


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The Lions are very proud to sponsor Southeastern Guide Dogs who provide Service Dogs for the visually impaired and Veterans. Visit the link below to learn about the 300th class . They need your help, please support.





The Lions show their civic pride with Adopt a Road the every other month. Our section to keep clean is Old Kings Highway N from Farmsworth to Forrest Grove. You wouldn't believe the things we pick up!! Please join us in this effort to keep the Palm Coast roadsides free of litter.


Congratulations to Lion Jim Murphy upon receiving a Melvin Jones Fellowship

The Melvin Jones Fellowship is the highest award presented to a Lion for dedication to humanitarian services. Lion Jim has served our community for over 20 years. He has been the Leo Clubs Advisor for most of those years, teaching high school students the value of community service and leadership. Thanks Mr. Murphy from all your students past and present.


Location of Used Eyeglasses Collection Containers
Flagler County Public Library-Palm Coast                        
Tax Collector's Office Old Kings Rd., near Staples
Eye Care Express  Old Kings Rd.                                           
Eye Style Optical - Winn Dixie Shopping Center            
Government Services Bldg., Rt. 100, Bunnell
Vince Carter Rehab. Center off Rt. 11, Bunnell                 
Plantation Oaks Clubhouse                                                   
Flagler Beach Library
Tomoka Eye Center at the Medical Bldg                                                               
VFW Palm Coast  






                       Information About Lions Clubs and How to Find a Club Near You

Click on:  to learn about Lions Clubs International and Lionism in general. The site contains short snippets of information about:  Our Mission, What We Do, Organizations We Support, Services We Provide, Fundraising, We Have Fun!, Its Rewarding to be a Lion, Contact Information and Find A Lions Club. We hope you will find the site informative. After reviewing website content, if you are interested, you are very much welcomed to join us for a meeting…. for an up close and personal Lions experience.

After clicking on the link above and learning more about Lionism hopefully you will be interested in joining the Palm Coast Lions. Please contact President Amy Dumas at (314-737-3340) or Membership Chair Abby Baker at

                                                           How is Your Vision?






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                                                 Click here to view a Lion PSA on Vision Screening

For any eye/vision related questions please contact:
Sight Conservation Chair: Janet Fonseca 
Phone: 347-673-3458  email:


For assistance with hearing aids please contact:
Hearing Conservation Chair: Janet Fonseca
Phone: 347-673-3458


                      PALM COAST LIONS CHARITIES

Palm Coast Lions Need Your Help in order to continue
our programs that help the Blind & Visually Impaired.

Can you spare a couple of hours a week to help those less fortunate?
Here are some of the activities that we need your help with:
Would you like to join our team of vision screeners?
Sight Conservation Team -
Each year the Palm Coast Lions Club receives many applications for assistance with obtaining eye examinations and eye glasses from those who cannot afford these items. In addition, the sight conservation team helps those who need assistance locating providers for eye surgery.
Become a member of this very important team.
Help with our recycling programs-
1. The PC Lions recycle approximately 200 eyeglasses/ month, in addition to hearing aids.
Recycling containers can be found at the Flagler County Public Library in Palm Coast and Flagler Beach. These eyeglasses are boxed each month and delivered to Daytona on their way to refurbishing.
2. Aluminum can recycling - The Lions still recycle aluminum cans but there is no container to drop off your cans. Please save your cans in a trash bag and when it's full, give Lion Ken a call and he will pick them up. 603 303-3934
Serve as an advisor for one of our Leos Clubs
The Palm Coast Lions Club sponsors Leos Clubs at both the Flagler/Palm Coast and Matanzas High Schools. Leadership-Experience-Opportunity are just a few of the rewards that young people gains from participating in Leos. Leo clubs are a place to have fun and grow while experiencing the benefits of community service. 
Artist Needed - Peace Poster Advisor
Each year, Lions clubs around the world proudly sponsor the Lions International Peace Poster Contest in local schools. This Contest encourages young people worldwide to artistically express their visions of peace. Students, ages 11, 12 or 13 on November 15, are eligible to participate. Each year's contest consists of an original theme incorporating peace. Participants use a variety of mediums, including charcoal, crayon, pencil and paint, to express the theme. The works created are unique and express the young artists' life experiences and culture.


Lions raise funds and give their time freely to help the less fortunate. You may already be familiar with some of their activities in our own community, but did you know that your local LIONS have helped the following organizations?
Flagler Palm Coast and Matanzas High School Scholarship
GED Scholarships
Recycling - Aluminum Cans, eyeglasses and hearing aids
Vision Screening
Florida Braille Association           Florida Conklin Center
Florida Lions Foundation             Florida School for Deaf & Blind
North Florida Lions Eye Bank
Florida Hearing Aid Bank
2-Leo’s Clubs
Lions Club Int’l Foundation
·        Operation of the vast majority of eye banks throughout the world, providing over 18,000 cornea transplants in a single year.
·        More than $50 million donated toward research, training and rehabilitation for the blind.
·        Ongoing funding for schools for the blind.
·        Hundreds of thousands of youngsters learning to make responsible decisions, combat peer pressure and resist the temptation of drugs and alcohol.
·        356,000 diabetes screenings conducted during one recent year.
·        Research into new treatments for diabetic retinopathy—the leading cause of blindness in developed nations.
·        Hospitals, playgrounds and schools built through Lions’ efforts in their own communities.
·        Worldwide relief for flood, earthquake and tornado victims.
·        Vocational training programs worldwide.
                   The Lions’ motto is WE SERVE.
The Palm Coast Lions Club is the sponsor of our Palm Coast Lions Charities, a non-profit corporation enabled as its activities arm and a separate fund-raising entity for the betterment of our community of Flagler County, Florida. The Internal Revenue Service has determined that we are exempt from Federal Income Tax under section 501 ( a ) of the Internal Revenue Code as an organization described in section 501 ( c ) 3. Our Registered Charities EIN is 59-3624247. We are also registered with the State of Florida. “A COPY OF THE OFFICIAL REGISTRATION AND FINANCIAL INFORMATION MAY BE OBTAINED FROM THE DIVISION OF CONSUMER SERVICES BY CALLING TOLL– FREE 1-800-435-7352 WITHIN THE STATEor on their website: . REGISTRATION DOES NOT IMPLY ENDORSEMENT, APPROVAL OR RECOMMENDATION BY THE STATE.”
100 % of your donations (after expenses) goes to fund the Palm Coast Lions Charities. Administrative expenses for operating the club are paid for by the members of the club.
All members of the Palm Coast Lions Club are unpaid volunteers



Lions Clubs International is the world's largest service club organization with more than 1.4 million members in approximately 46,000 clubs in more than 200 countries and geographical areas around the world.

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