The Paramount Education Partnership (commonly referred to as the P.E.P program) is part of a non-profit educational organization, designed primarily to promote worthy high school students in pursuit of their goals in education. The P.E.P. program in Paramount is designed to assist only graduates from ParamountHigh School.  The program is headed by the City of Paramount, The Paramount Lions Club is really only one participant in the project. It is a community effort, involving the City of Paramount, the Paramount Chamber of Commerce, the ParamountUnifiedSchool District, other civic organizations, and individuals interested in promoting a better education for Paramount students.


The purpose is, of course, to raise funds for scholarships. The Paramount Lions have been with the program since its inception, and have contributed thousands of dollars to the fund. The scholarships have been in the amounts of $3,000, and this year (2010) the Club has contributed $9,000. At least, three Paramount students will receive scholarships, The scholarships from the Paramount Lions are intended exclusively for those graduating students interested in a vocational education. The practice of giving these vocational education scholarships began before the creation of the P.E.P. program was begun. A Vocational Scholarship fund was created by the Paramount Club in the memory of Lion Bill Kennedy, who had recently passed away. Lion Bill was the first Mayor of Paramount when it became an incorporated city, and a Charter Member of the Paramount Lions Club. He had been, before retirement,  the owner of a very successful plumbing business in Paramount. It was basically for this reason the Club created the $3,000 scholarship fund in his memory .and designated it exclusively for vocational education This is really when the vocational scholarship tradition for the Paramount Lions began. All of the succeeding scholarships have been in the amount of $3,000,and designated exclusively for vocational education -


The picture above was taken when the Lions Club made its P.E.P. presentation to the City of Paramount. Shown in the picture are: members of the City Council, representatives from the ParamountUnifiedSchool District, administrators of the P.E.P. program and members of the Paramount Lions Club. Holding the enlarged picture of the check are Lion Gene Daniels, President of the Paramount Lions and a member of the Paramount City Council. and Dr. Max Martinez, a former Paramount High graduate and Student Body President, and now a prominent Paramount Dentist. Dr. Martinez is one of the supervisors of the program in Paramount.

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