Kids playing at splash pad

Plainfield Lions Club Splash Pad

The Plainfield Lions Club constructed a Splash Pad in the Plainfield Veteran's Park after extensive fund raising.  The grand opening of this youth centered project took place on July 5, 2014.

The new splash pad is a fully-automated play area that creates a fun atmosphere for the entire family while providing a safe, zero-depth recreation environment that doesn't require lifeguard supervision. The Splash Pad consists of three activity bays that are designed for all age groups to promote family interaction.

The Plainfield Lions Club donated $30,000 to the project.  Additional donations of over $70,000 came from individuals and businesses in our communities to make this project a success.

The names of the donors to the Splash Pad are listed on a special Donor Honor Roll sign that is diplayed at the site of the splash pad.  These individuals and businesses provided monetary support to the Plainfield Lions Club as the members worked to achieve the $100,000 goal.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Splash Pad?
The Splash Pad is a fully-automated, zero-depth water recreation area. It has three activity bays that are designed for all age groups and promotes family interaction.

What are the three activity bays?
The "family bay" is appropriate for all age groups and is the central area of the splash pad. The "toddler bay" is created specifically for younger children.  It provides an area that is inviting to infants and toddlers and is developed to meet their needs. The "teen bay" provides ample space and opportunity to challenge the most energetic members of the family. This area contains water cannons for water fights and team games.

What about water conservation?
The Splash Pad uses a patented smart flow system to optimize water consumption. In this system, water is supplied to the play features and then drained away to a waste system in a single pass. Water conservation comes from the use of specially designed reduced-consumption nozzles and operational sequences programmed into the play features. These features reduce water consumption by 30- to 50-percent.

Are there future plans for expanding the Splash Pad?
The Splash Pad has anchoring devices that were installed during initial construction. These anchors will allow for interchanging different fixtures and adding new ones to maximize the play value of the Splash Pad for years to come.

What other features can be found at the Splash Pad?

The Plainfield Lions Club has added picnic benches and memorial park benches to the area for family members to enjoy the Splash Pad.  There are future plans to add grills to the area in the summer of 2015 to provide additional opportunities for families to plan splash pad outings at the park.

Where can I get more information?
Contact Plainfield Lions Club via e-mail.

Thank you Splash Pad sponsors!

Generous donations made the Plainfield Lions Club splash pad project a success.  Our list of donors includes many individuals, businesses, and organizations from our community and surrounding area.  A huge "THANK YOU" is extended to the following...

  • Plainfield Lions Club
  • Bancroft State Bank
  • Gary and Sandi Urban
  • Kerschner's Gas Service
  • Mortenson Bros. Farms, Inc.
  • North Central Irrigation
  • Robert's Irrigation Co., Inc.
  • Bula-Gieringer Farms
  • Ellie Van Haren
  • Randy Van Haren
  • Daisy Troop 6054
  • Laura's Lane Nursery
  • Heartland Farms
  • Peg and Jim Morgan
  • Richard and Elizabeth Weymouth
  • Randy and Darlene Thurley
  • Bill and Elizabeth Ingersoll
  • L&L Propane
  • Ann Marie Scott
  • Gloria Hadden
  • Lena Reid
  • Kathleen and Jeff Sommers
  • Joe Farago
  • Fox Oil Co., Inc.
  • Waushara County VFW Post 6007
  • Plainfield Trucking
  • Thomas Hadden
  • Nelson Vegetable Storage Systems
  • Royal Supermarket
  • Lynne and Jim Johnson
  • Marie Reid
  • Seneca Foods Corporation
  • Robert and Jennifer Woyak
  • Burrell and Nancy Johnson
  • James D. Hom, DDS, SC
  • Dick and Lucille Koehler
  • Gary Engel
  • Waushara VFW Auxiliary
  • Mary Reid
  • Gary and Marsha Phillips
  • Waushara Prevention Council
  • Ronda Hoffmann
  • Jeff and Bonnie Zaremba
  • Troxel Sheep Co.
  • James and Nancy Kushner in Memory of Zena Bartsch
  • Paul Miller Farms
  • Bob and Barb Fox
  • Jack and Bernadette Sherman
  • Kathy and Craig Fredrich
  • Tri-County Boosters Club, Inc.
  • Linda and Mike Copas
  • Michael Shattuck, CHN – Wautoma
  • Nordic Mountain
  • Almond Lions Club
  • Hancock Lions Club
  • Joseph and Barbara Perez
  • Tri-County FFA Alumni Association
  • Conlin Court Mobile Home Park, LLC
  • OCS Outagamie Co-op Services, Inc./Plainfield Truck Plaza
  • Wilbur-Ellis
  • Wysocki Produce Farm
  • Area Wide Towing
  • Daniel Urban
  • Tomi and Danny Dittburner
  • Allied Cooperative
  • Melissa Copas Sylte
  • Cindy and Chuck Johnson
  • Donna and Tony Marinack
  • Reinie and Gregg Ruffalo
  • Tri-County FFA
  • Marc and Kris Bickford
  • Donna Thoma
  • Julie and Mike Jagielo
  • Anita and Ken Dunnett
  • Dale and Lois Scott
  • Wayne Tess
  • Waushara Family Physicians / Family Medicine
  • Ed Makaryk
  • Simply Wilkins LLC
  • Home Craftsmen Inc.
  • Wild Rose Hospital
  • Lee Ayers Jewelers
  • Plainfield Business Association
  • Machining Solutions, LLC
  • Irene and James Cesar
  • Bacon Construction, LLC
  • Scott and Karen Kofler
  • Gary and Liz Wysocki
  • Mark and Cherie Hennes
  • Farago & Son Well Drilling, Plumbing, & Septic Systems
  • Glen and Ann Hintz
  • Tyler Reabe
  • George Nigh
  • Janelle Bentley
  • Susan Penza
  • Mandy Sanchez
  • Lisa Rader
  • Sandy Lockhart
  • Robert Barker
  • Oasis Irrigation
  • Robert Heath Farm, Inc.
  • Paramount Farms, Inc.
  • Alliant Energy
  • Jeff Reabe
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