Flag Service


The Redlands Lion’s place the United States flag out on nine holidays or commemorative dates during the year.  Every homeowner or business will select where the flag is placed on their property.  An in-ground holder will be set or a flag holder on their fence will be positioned for the flag pole.

Interested in becoming a flag customer?

Please see contact information on bottom of this page.


The flag service is a community project and costs $35 per year (July-June).  All funds made from this project are contributed back to the community (see projects on main page).

Flags are put out around daybreak and taken down at dusk. 



The following neighborhoods qualify for flag service:

Tiara Rado


Monument Village


Village Way

Also:  Monument Village Shopping Center,  Community Hospital, Redlands Canyon View Car Wash, and Independence Ranch entrance













The following 9 dates are honored (weather/conditions permitting):

  1. May --Armed Forces Day
  2. May—Memorial Day
  3. June 14—Flag Day
  4. July 4—Independence Day
  5. September—Labor Day
  6. September 11--Patriot Day
  7. October—Columbus Day
  8. November 11—Veteran’s Day
  9. February---Presidents' Day



For more information, or to subscribe to our flag service please contact:

Lion Dave McIlnay



Lion Lance Wade


Or email:


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