November 23, 2022

The meeting was called to order by President Jun Mateo at 7:32 AM.

BOARD MEMBERS PRESENT: President Jun Mateo, Secretary Jim Berdan, Treasurer Joyce Eng, 1 Year Director PDG Cat Gon, 2 Year Director Joe Bowers, 2 Year Director Mark Kraut, Lion Tamer Ritchie Carlson, Membership Chair Mark Steffens, and Chaplain PDG Carl Burson.

BOARD MEMBERS ABSENT: 1 Year Director Steve Quist, Immediate Past President Brent Showalter, Tail Twister Frank Adams,

CORRESPONDENCE: Special LCI Award for PDG Cat.  PDG Rich, on behalf of LCI presented a “Key Award” to PDG Cat for bringing in two or more new members. Congrats to PDG Cat.


  • Fundraisers: 
  • Wedding Catering – Lion Marlene reported that she had three friends and six Lions (Lions Jackie, Ernie, Ritchie, Stan, Joe, and Susan Bone) to help with the preparation and during the event. The Club received $XXXX and with the expenses about $XXXX, the net was $XXXX.
  • James Stephens III Fundraiser Update – Prez Jun reported that the Club should make about $XXXX.  Because of the low sales, the two shows will be combined into one at 5:00 PM.  Free parking will be limited to one level of the parking garage.  More to follow.
  • Embarcadero Night at the Theater – Lion Frank was not present and there was no report.
  • Projects: 
  • SELC 50th Anniversary Update – Lion Mark S – First committee meeting was held on November 15th at the Black Bear Diner on Arden Way.  Attendees included: Prez Jun and Lions Mark S, Marlene, Mary, Stan, Joyce and Jackie. Proposed date is November 18, 2023.  It was decided that the venue will be based on the Governor Tim’s proposal to have a working fundraiser for the community and not go with the hotel route and the committee is looking for a location with a kitchen and dance floor.  The program would include something for children, such as a magic show or comedian.  The focus will be on one area of support such as WAWA, St. Johns, etc.  Advertising is a must, such as the district directory and the district convention program.  There is a need for a budget.  Next committee meeting is January 3, 2023.  More to follow.


  1. Approval of the October 26, 2022 Board Minutes – PDG Cat made a motion to accept the minutes as written.  Lion Joe seconds the motion. Lion Ernie pointed out an error in item 2 of new business. After some discussion Lion Joe pointed out that Lion Ernie was wrong and there was no error committed by Secretary Jim. Prez Jun pointed out that the word “Chaplin” was in correct and it should be spelled “Chaplain”. Lion Mark S complained that he was not listed as a board member. The Membership Chair is a board position and Secretary Jim will make the correction.  It was also pointed out that the last item on the minutes should read “President Jun adjourned” and not “President Brent Adjourned” and the correction was made by Secretary Jim. With no further nonsense, Prez Jun calls for the question and the motion was approved.
  2. Treasurer’s Report:

Admin $XXXX Charity $XXXX

There was a discussion on the need to end of year awards.  More to follow.

  1. District Governor’s visit report – Prez Jun reported a success.
  2. 2023 District Convention – Food Fair – PDG Cat will submit the application.
  3. Front Street Animal Shelter Donation – IPP Brent
  4. Dinner with Santa – Lion Ernie reported we need the corps crew as last year.  Menu is spaghetti.  This event was approved by the board in an email vote.


  1. WSWA Thanksgiving Distribution – Lion Ernie reported that they needed 160 aluminum pans.  Request was too late for the club to respond.
  2. “Season for Seniors” – IPP Brent – No Report
  3. Project Warmth – Lion Marlene has a source for bennies and blankets, 2000 available, but we only need 200-300.  Project to support homeless.  More to follow.
  4. Wreaths Across America Project – December 17, 2023 – Lion Mark S will send out email to see who is willing to volunteer. We will support the cemetery at 65th and Fruitridge.
  5. Food Donated at the Governors visit – It was decided to donate the food to the WSWA food closet along with some bennies.

With no further business, President Jun adjourned the meeting at 8:45 AM.

Lion Jim Berdan


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