FEBRUARY 28, 2024

The meeting was called to order by President Frank Adams at 8:02 AM.

BOARD MEMBERS PRESENT: President Frank Adams, 1VP Joe Bowers, Secretary Jim Berdan, 2VDG Brent Showalter, 1 Year Director PDG Cat Gon, 1 Year Director Mark Kraut, Membership Chair Mark Steffens, Tail Twister Bob DeMarco, and Chaplain PDG Carl Burson,

BOARD MEMBERS ABSENT: Treasurer Joyce Eng, 2 Year Director Jackie Llenas-Rossi, 2VP Louis Pritchett, Lion Tamer Ritchie Carlson, 2 Year Director Marlene Mateo, and Immediate Past President Jun Mateo


  •  Projects:
  • Student Speaker Contest – Zone – March 15, 2024 – Lion Joe reported that the contest will be at the Waters Public Library and doors open at 5:30 PM and the doors close at 6:00 PM.
  • Robert G. Smith Walk to Cancel Out Parkinson’s Update – PDG Rich reported that there will be a Zoom meeting on Feb 29th.
  • Fundraisers:
  • 20th Annual Embarcadero Lions Club Golf Tournament – Prez Frank/Lion Steve reported that we need raffle prizes.

SELC Business:

  1. Approval of January 24th Board Minutes (Attached): Lion Joe made a motion to approve the minutes as written. PDG Cat seconds the motion.  Prez Frank calls for the questions and the motion was approved.
  2. Treasurer’s Report: No report.

Tabled Business:

  1. Membership Dues – Lion Joyce – No report
  2. Guest Speaker Program Update – Lion Steve reported that next week 2VDG Brent is Lion of the Week his speaker is from Ski for Light.
  3. Southgate Rec & Parks Easter Breakfast March 30th Update – Lion Ernie – No report
  4. Special Recognition for Lion Dr. Joe Villarica – Prez Frank reported that this event will be at our February dinner meeting on April 17th . PDG Cat volunteered to do a certificate for Dr. Joe.

New Business:

  1. MD4 Convention Report – 2VDG Brent reported that a good time was had by all and that Antelope Lions Club Lion Jeri Wartena was named MD4 Lion of the Year.
  2. SELC Ball Point Pens for Guest Speakers – Prez Frank – After some discussion, Lion Joe made a motion to spend up to $XXXX to purchase ink pens. PDG Carl seconds the motion. Prez Frank calls for the questions and the motion was approved.
  3. New Member Vests – After some discussion, Lion Jim will order a ladies size small for Lion Ninoshka, and a ladies size medium for Lion Jackie.
  4. Southgate Rec and Parks Easter Breakfast – March 30th – Lion Ernie stated the he needs volunteers for a 6:00 AM show time.  PDG Rich and Lion Steve volunteered.
  5. LEF Grant for Ski for Light – 2VDG Brent wants the Club to donate $XXXX and apply for a $XXXX matching grant from LEF, for a total of a $XXXX donation for Ski for Light.  2VDG Brent made a motion to donate $XXXX and apply for a $XXXX grant from LEF. PDG Cat Seconds the motion. Prez Frank calls for the questions and the motion was approved.
  6. Officers and Directors Nomination Committee – 1VP Joe will select committee members and report back to the board as soon as possible.
  7. Convention Program – PDG Cat presented a draft of the SELC ad and it was approved by the board.
  8. Donation to the Process Theatre, Inc. which is a nonprofit 501(c)3 organization, incorporated in 1982, whose primary mission is to provide Media Arts-in-Education to diverse populations. Alice Parente made a presentation to the club several weeks ago.  Lion Joe made a motion to donate $XXXX to Process Theatre, Inc., $XXXX from SELC and a $XXXX grant from California Lions Foundation. PDG Carl seconds the motion. Prez Frank calls for the questions and the motion was approved.
  9. Lion Bob DeMarco in the past has had opportunities to purchase polo shirts with the lion’s logo. When the opportunity arises again, he will put in an order, but he needs club member names, sex and sizes. Lion Jim will send out an announcement to club members.

With no further business, President Frank adjourned the meeting at 9:05 AM.

Lion Jim Berdan


Sacramento Embarcadero Lions Club (2190)

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