Since our founding in 1958 we have donated “over $1,990,000”. It took the club 42 years to donate the first $1 Million and only 13 years to donate another $990.000. We expect to reach the $2.1 MILLION level in 2014.

The Saddle River Valley Lions Club conducts various projects and activities each year. 

Our primary focus is to raise funding for those who are visually impaired. We also recognize the need to support  others who are less fortunate and benefit substantially through human services.

We also are firm believers in assisting our local senior and youth organizations who provide a positive life experience to these groups.

Educationally, we provide scholarships and awards to our Middle School and High School graduates.

Activities and projects to be conducted in 2014 include:

A. Easter Egg Hunt

B. Spring Car Raffle

C. Annual Carnival

D. Fall Golf Outing





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