LION VETERAN OF THE YEAR - The North Park Lions Club Salutes San Marcos Lion Norm MacKenzie, 2022-2023 District 4L6 "Lion Veteran Of The Year."  At a gala luncheon Sunday November 13 at the La Mesa American Leigion Post, Lion Norm MacKenzie, USMC veteran was named District 4L6 Lion of the Year. Congratulations Lion Norm. Our own nominee for the honor, North Park Lion, Steve Haselhorst, was one of 5 distinguished runner ups. Steve is a U.S. Army Vietnam Vet, active duty, and was awarded a Bronze Star for his service. According to Medals Of America; “The Bronze Star Medal, or BSM, dates back to World War II. Today, it is the fourth-highest ranking award a service member can receive for a heroic and meritorious deed performed in an armed conflict. For those who receive the BSM, it is a signal of their sacrifice, bravery and honor while serving their country.” The most telling sign vouching for the quality of Steve’s charcter is the fact that while he has been a member of our Club since 1998, it was only this year that we found out, quite accidentally,  that a Bronze Star veteran was one of our Lions. Steve's service to the community while a Lion is unparalleled. Steve has been our Club Secretary since 2001, is a Past President, and has served in various District offices. Steve is a Progressive Melvin Jones Awardee, and a recipient of the Donald Snyder Fellowship, Student Speaker Contest. Lion Steve is always among the first to volunteer to participate in Club activities, and for years has chauffeured two of our blind members from their homes to our Weekly meeting. Steve was also instrumental in establishing our twinning with the Playas de Tijuana Lions Club, and the Mexicali Lions Club, and is one of the regulars from our Club visiting our fellow Lions south of the boarder to participate in their service activities. The San Diego North Park Lions thank all our Veterans and active duty military for their service to our country.

NORTH PARK LIONS SORT & PREPARE USED EYEGLASSES, AND START THEM ON THEIR JOURNEY AROUND THE WORLD -  Saturday, October 8th, members of the North Park Lions Club sorted eyeglasses collected throughout the year and set them on their way to Lions International for distribution to people in need wherever the need exists. Thank you North Park residents for your care and genorisity in donating your used glasses to this cause. In San Diego County, anyone needing eyeglasses can access an eye examination and free or low cost glasses at the Lions Optometric Vision Clinic, 1805 Upas Street, Tel.: (619) 298-5273.

WAYS NORTH PARK LIONS SERVE - Have you ever wondered what Lions Clubs do? Are you interested in helping others? The North Park Lions Club (NPLC) is driven by its motto, "We Serve," a powerful statement at the heart of our community service activities. Long a supporter of blind and visually-impaired individuals, NPLC has done much to provide resources for those with poor or no vision in and around North Park. But we also contribute in various ways in support of other groups and causes. Recent club activities have included: collecting used glasses at our Utah Street clubhouse that are refurbished and eventually made available back to those needing them, planting shade trees that enhance and beautify our neighborhoods, and providing holiday season food boxes to families associated with four North Park elementary schools. Further afield, we have traveled to Tijuana in support of a local Lions Club there that touches the lives of our Mexican neighbors. Would you like to help? Then join us!

CRIME VICTIMS MEMORIAL OAK GARDEN - Sunday, September 18, 2022, The North Park Lions with help from our fellow San Diego Majestic Lions, Active Duty Service Members/Armed Services YMCA, and Community Volunteers, spent the morning honoring the lives so tragically lost by sprucing up the garden grounds, and restoring the Stone Circle remembering the 17 Sailors lost in the 2002 attack on the USS Cole. Once the work was done all gathered around the Gazebo and enjoyed a brunch in the park hosted by North Park Lions featuring incredibly delicious breakfast burritos made by the Clients, Staff, and Volunteers of the San Diego Blind Community Center.

MEMORIAL DAY 2022 - Monday, May 30, 2022. Thank you Veterans for your service. We remember you and honor you today, Memorial Day, and every day.

NORTH PARK LITTLE LEAGUE – The North Park Lions Club is proud to be Hall Of Fame sponsor for five Coach Pitch teams in the 2022 NP Little League season. All Coach Pitch games are being played in the “Lions Den,” i.e. Fields #5 and #6. On  Saturday, May 14, the League presented the Lions with a plaque recognizing the Clubs’ long association with the League, and celebrating the first place finish of the Lions’ 2020 Championship team, The Blue Wave. Click on the Club Projects tab for a video link to the event.

NORTH PARK LIONS CLUB CELEBRATES ARBOR DAY - Over the weekend of May 14-15, the NP Lions Club and community volunteers planted 19 trees in our neighborhood. The trees were purchased by the Lions Club and given to their new owners for free. Prior to the planting, the Lions hosted a public seminar on the care and maintenance of trees conducted by a Certified Arborist at the NP Lions Clubhouse. Click on Photo Gallery or Club Projects to see pictures, or visit us on FaceBook or Instagram. Trees beautify and improve our physical environment, and are a key element to our City’s climate action goals. The North Park Lions will be repeating this event in the fall. So if you or anyone you know wants to plant a tree contact the North Park Lions Club.

NORTH PARK LIONS BRING CHEER AND DELIGHT - In the spirit of “In This Together,” North Park Lions Club members Dr. Denny Coughlin, Claude Edwards and Steve Hazelhorst met on Saturday, 15 May 2021 to help pack and deliver bags of pantry staples and fresh produce to a dozen+ homebound members of the Blind Community Center of San Diego. Loading up at the Center, they worked from a roster compiled by Center volunteer and fellow Lion Christie Greene. Click on the Club Projects tab to see photo(s). Following a pre-determined route, Lions Denny, Claude, and Steve went from downtown San Diego to City Heights, then back through North Park before returning to the Center in Balboa Park! Calling everyone ahead of their arrival, they brought cheer and delight to all. This is an ongoing activity, taking place monthly. Contact The North Park Lions Club for volunteer opportunities like this.

NORTH PARK MUSIC FAIR - May 21-22.   Thank you Lions Knott Jr., Coughlin. Nguyen and Carmellino.   Picked up ticket sales for Main Street.

WILLING HANDS ARE ALWAYS WELCOME - The North Park Lions Club, in partnership with the Blind Community Center of San Diego (BCCSD), has provided wholesome and healthy food to more than 60 homebound BCCSD members, program participants and volunteers ... on a monthly basis since mid-2020. A team of dedicated volunteers have met at the BCCSD to fill 1, 2, or more plastic bags with an ever-changing selection of fresh and non-perishable food, received from the San Diego Food Bank. Lions Club members who have provided ‘welcome hands’ have included Doctor Coughlin, Claude Edwards, Doctor Knott, James Knott and Steve Hazelhorst, while Lions Christie Green, Joseph Carmellino, and volunteers Theresa and Kevin Bagg have facilitated activities at the Food Bank. These efforts have been greatly appreciated. The next food distribution will be the week of June 13th. Contact the North Park Lions Club if you want to be involved. 

Blind Community Center Hosts a Visit by Lions Club International Members - Organized as a fundraiser benefitting the Blind Community Center of San Diego, a multi-national group from Lions Club International were treated to a memorable tour and visit of the Center in late-October 2021, during a convention held in downtown San Diego. Arriving by bus at 8:30 a.m., 40+ enthusiastic Lions were first led into the auditorium where tables were set out with an impressive assortment of handmade crafts, knitted scarves, hats, woven blankets, holiday wreaths and more, each remarkable in an array of colors, textures and sizes. Though all were given an opportunity to explore the Center, many lingered in the auditorium to admire, choose and purchase some of these items, painstakingly made by BCCSD members and supporters. Among them were Diane, Dora, Lyn, Maryanne and Nena. Excited by their visit, they were on their way again at 10 a.m. Handmade craft items continue to be available for anyone interested on the BCCSD’s website (link).

ALWAYS WITH A POSITIVE WORD - One of the special things about attending a North Park Lions Club meeting is hearing the positive words said by longtime member Vernetta Burgeon at the start and end of each meeting. Part benediction and part cheer leading, she shares thoughtful words meant to stimulate our hearts and minds, to focus on ways all of us can be better, not only when among our friends but when we meet anyone in our everyday lives. Being a Lion means living by the Golden Rule, “Do unto others ...”, as one never knows how a simple kindness can touch another person in a special way, just as it would if someone showed kindness to us. Meet Vernetta for yourself, and all the other North Park Lions Club members, at an upcoming weekly meeting at our Clubhouse, located at 3927 Utah Street (just north of University Ave.) 

 YOU CAN MAKE A BIG DIFFERENCE - It can be satisfying when a small act on your part has a direct, significant and positive impact on someone else. When was the last time that happened? One such act is donating used and unwanted glasses to the North Park Lions Club, be they prescription, reading or shaded glasses. Think about it, do you have one or more old pairs of glasses gathering dust on a bookshelf somewhere? Or maybe stashed away out-of-sight and out-of-mind in a desk drawer? Or even long-forgotten within one or more glass cases, in an old box, office desk or glove box? The North Park Lions Club will gladly accept any used and unwanted glasses, which they ensure will find a new home and purpose! Feel free to donate any used glasses you may have to a Lions Club member, whether during the North Park Farmers Market, at our Utah Street Clubhouse, or during one of our weekly meetings, open to those interested. “You can make a real difference.”

CAMP JACK - How many of us have fond childhood memories of days at Summer Camp? Unfortunately, many children will never experience the wonders of Nature due to their families' circumstances. Well Lions have done something about it! Since 1996 Lions Clubs in San Diego and Imperial Counties have sponsored Camp Jack, a free one-week Summer Camp in the Cuyamacas for 9-12 year olds. Kids attending Camp Jack enjoy hiking, arts & crafts, archery, aquatics, fishing, and the pure joy of being outdoors. The North Park Lions Club is proud to support Camp Jack, and this year  The North Park Lions' donation will send two youngsters to camp in 2023. For more information about Camp Jack, contact your local Lions Club chapter, or go to:

WHO IS THE "MYSTERY GREETER"? - There are many long-held traditions that members of the North Park Lions Club engage in, such as being a “Mystery Greeter”. Typically someone is invited, discretely, so nobody knows who they are untill it is time to be revealed! It is all in good fun, encouraging all who attend our weekly, midday Wednesday, meetings to make a point of greeting everyone before the bell is struck, indicating Call to Order. Anyone who forgets, or fails to make the effort, or arrives late is called upon to ‘pay the penalty’, a $1 donation to the club! Visitors, guests and new members get a pass, since they don’t know better. But for longtime club members, this is something they should remember to do. Handshakes have long served this function, but fist-bumps and elbow-bumps have gained favor recently. Come to a North Park Lions Club meeting and ‘you’ could be a Mystery Greeter. Written by Lion Claude Edwards, Nov. 1, 2022.






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