• Scholarship program (active) for two high school students at the Liceo de Christ the King, Talugtug, Nueva Ecija, Philippines that started in school year 2016.
  • June 2017
    • Donated 40 hours of volunteer work to the San Diego 1/2 Marathon handing t-shirts and refreshments to estimated 30 thousand runners.
    • Donated $100 gift for the homeless.
    • Donated five large bags of slightly used clothes to the South Bay Recovery Cener (SBRC) of National City, CA.
    • Donated five (05) boxes of apparel to two underprivileged families of Guimba, Nueva Ecija, Philippines.
    • Donated $400 to the school children of Tibad Elementary School, Talugtug, Nueva Ecija, Philippines for the purchase of umbrellas and drinking canisters.
    • Donated 15 hours of volunteer work handing groceries to 175 San Diego families through the First Christian Church of San Diego.
    • Donated nine (09) hours of volunteer work in support of the vision screening program for children during the Mabuhay Festival in San Diego, CA.
  • Used Eyeglasses Collection (ongoing) - Collected used eyeglases from eye clinics and individuals. 

Fundraising Projects:

  • Casino Run: The bread and butter of SDDLC supporting their projects. SDDLC and Akorn Casino entered into a financial incentive agreement where the Casino pays the club for every guest player brought to the casino to play.
  • Recyclable Materials: Collected recyclable plastic and glass bottles, and aluminum cans to be sold.

Social Activities:

  • Club Christmas Party - December 16

Past Projects:

  • 2011 - Joined the Caring Heart Foundation in Annual Health Fair.
    • Assisted in packaging canned foods and non perishablefoods at San Diego Foods Bank.
  • 2010 - Annual San Diego Beach Cleanup with San Diego County.
  • 2009 - Annual Health Fair with Paradise Valley at National City.
  • 2008 - Medical Mission in the Philippines (Ormoc City).
    • International Twinning with Ormoc Supreme Lions Club.



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