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Multi-Cultural Community Health Fair, 8/23/14

What:                           Multi-Cultural (with four different languages–English, Vietnamese, Cambodian, and Spanish) Community Health Fair

Where:                         Wesley United Methodist Church, (Pastor Toan Le) 5380 54th St. CA 92115

When:                          August 23, 2014; 9:00am – 2:00pm

Event Coordinator:     San Diego Vietnamese American Lions Club (SDVALC) (Lead Lion Rose Tran & Lion Duke Tran)

Approximately 130 people in this local community were serviced with a multi-service Health Fair consisting of:  Hearing Testing, Blood Pressure Checks, Blood-Sugar Glucose Readings, Visual Acuity Tests, Glaucoma Screening, Chiropractic procedures, Cervical Cancer Awareness, Hepatitis B Screening, Bone Densitometry, distribution of Free Non-Prescription Reading Glasses, and distribution of eye drops.

The details of this event follow:

Chiropractic treatment for back pain: Dr Mai Bui and Dr. Chau Tran provided these services to 45 people.

Bone Densitometry Services were conducted by student pharmacists from UCSD and they services 60 people.

SDSU Audiology Clinic provided hearing screening for 35 people.

Asian Pacific Health Foundation provided Screening for Hepatitis B to 40 people.

85 People were provided with Message Therapy by Tramy Beauty School.

107 pairs of non-prescription Reading Glasses and Eye Drops were distributed to the people in need.  The SDELC also provided Visual Acuity Testing.

Blood Pressure Checks for Hypertension recorded the following results (Optimal Reading is considered Systolic less than 120 and Diastolic of less than 80) using a portable OMRON Pressure Monitor and Life Source Pressure Monitor1 case of Low Blood Pressure with a reading of 88/45 was recorded; 9 cases of Low Normal readings (e.g., Systolic 92 – 99 // Diastolic 52 - 74) were recorded; 17 cases of High Normal Readings (e.g., Systolic 130-139 // Diastolic 62-94) were recorded; 16 cases of Stage-1 Mild Hypertension (e.g., Systolic 140-158 // Diastolic 65-99) were recorded [patients with a 158/93, 153/88, 157/90,157/91, 140/93, 148/85, 155/94 were all currently taking BP meds]; 4 cases of Stage-2 Moderate Hypertension (e.g., 176/89, 162/90, 169/70, 169/70) were recorded [patient with a reading of 176/89 was also currently taking BP meds].  All patients with the elevated readings were advised to follow-up with their physician and the need for life-style changes in diet and stress management.

Blood-Sugar Glucose Tests for Diabetes or Diabetic symptoms recorded the following results (Optimal Readings are 70 – 120 Fasting or 70 – 170 non-fasting) using either a Contour or ACCU-Chek Aviva Blood Glucose Test meter:  13 people demonstrated elevated readings while all 13 were identified as fasting patients, with the following readings – 132, 136 [patient is a diabetic on oral meds], 136 [patient is a diabetic on oral meds], 137,145 [patient is a diabetic on oral meds], 153, 184 [patient is a diabetic on oral meds], 212 [patient is a diabetic on oral meds], 215, 235 [patient is a diabetic on oral meds], 249, 249, 380  These people with the serious elevated readings (i.e., readings over 200) were all advised to immediately proceed to an urgent care facility for immediate consultation and follow-up. 

Glaucoma Screening was performed by Dr. Na´ama Hammel and Dr. S. Shang Fellows at Shiley Eye Center, San Diego, California using two Frequency Doubling Technology (FDT) units; assisted by Jill Herndon and Lion Tim Mendez.   Only 56 people of the 130 registered sign-ups requested a Glaucoma Screening.  Of the 56 people, 6 failed the Glaucoma Test and are therefore “suspect” candidates for Glaucoma, while 5 other patients showed signs of having Cataracts.  These 11 patients were all instructed on getting follow-up consultation and services for their eye conditions.

Duke Tran provided information on Governmental Social Security (SSA and SSI) and Medicare Benefits Programs.

Volunteers for this service activity included:

-           San Diego Vietnamese American Lions Club            Lions Rose Tran, Duke Tran, Joe Sac Nguyen, Hong Nguyen, Hong Loan Tran, and many others

-           San Diego Executive Lions Club (SDELC)               Lions Alex Quinto, Auring Medina, Don Bataller, Zeny DeCastro

-           Cosmopolitan Lions Club                                           Lion Lydia Duro

-           Poway Lions Club                                                      Lion Tim Mendez

-           InCharge Organizational Director                              Jill Herndon

-           Shiley Eye Center, SanDiego, CA                              Ophthalmologists: Dr. Na´ama Hammel and Dr. S. Shang

-           Neighborhood Healthcare                                           Lillian Chi Nguyen

-           Other Volunteers                                                        Jochi Pecache, Berringer Sisneros


Thank you to Lion George Folwarski for preparing this report!

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