The Club proudly sponsored a student speakers contest at San Marino High School on February 12.  2015 is the 78th year that high school student speakers contests have been sponsored by Lions Clubs throughout California.  Each year a different important subject is selected about which the contestants speak for five to 10 minutes.  This year the very relevant topic is Water Conservation –How Can We Reduce, Recycle, and Reclaim.

Five adults, who could not be Lions, graciously offered to be volunteer judges.

The winning speaker got the highest numerical total score by adding up the individual numbers for each student from all five judges.

The student who won got a $100 cash prize.  The other four students, all called "finalists," even though their scores were different, each won $25.  The reason all contestants, except for the winner, are "finalists" is so that no student knows their ranking and might feel bad if did not score second or third.

After the contest each judge commended the students on their impressive knowledge of the need for water conservation and methods for achieving it, their passion to solving this critical problem, and very articulate speaking abilities.

The winner of the contest at San Marino High School soon will compete at a zone contest with students from a number of other high schools.  If she wins, then she will compete at the XXXXX (District no./letter name) district competition with many other students. If the San Marino High school student wins that contest she then will compete at a regional contest.  Hopefully, they will win there, and compete and become the champion at the state level contest.

Our club also sponsors a Leos Club for students at San Marino High School, which helps it conduct community service projects.

To see images of the contestants, the judges, and the winning speaker with our club president, please click on "Photo Gallery" on the left side of the screen.

If you would like more information about becoming a Club member and helping people with various needs in this area, California, other parts of the country, or in other nations click, please call or email Lion Donna Wang, Club President.  Her telephone number is (626) 926-4878, and her email address is

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