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Jason Haynes

What the American Flag Means to Me

By Jason Haynes

The American Flag means a lot to me. It reminds me of the soldiers who died protecting us.They gave their lives so we wouldn't be in danger from our enemies.The soldiers died so we could be safe in our country and have freedoms.

The red stripes on the flag stand for the blood the past soldiers poured out saving the people in our country. The white stripes on the flag stand for the dedication of the soldiers and the military. The blue field on the flag stands for the tears the soldiers and their wives shed seeing what war does to people. The white stars stand for the freedom the United States has.

The United States f lag stands for a lot of things, but to me it stands for freedom. Freedom to go to any church you want, freedom to go to public places, and freedom makes a lot of people feel great.

When I say the Pledge of Allegiance with my friends, it makes me feel great. I am showing respect for the flag and the soldiers who fought to protect us. The American Flag might stand for different things for different people, but for me, it means freedom.


Aiden West

 Flag Essay

By: Aiden West

Hi, my name is Aiden. I a m going to tell you about what the flag means to me.

It means to me a ll kinds of things like liberty, loyalty,and courage. It means to me the union and the original 13 colonies when we broke away from England. It means to me the loyalty of our nation. It means to me the courage of our nation. It means to me the liberty of our nation.

Here are a few more things that the flag means to me. It reminds me of our country and what it means to us. It reminds me of what our country is about, liberty loyalty and courage. It reminds me of all the wars that happened to save our country.

When I see the flag, it reminds me of all the soldiers that died saving our country. When I see the flag it reminds me how we broke away from England and became the 13 colonies, soon to be the United States of America. When Isee the flag it reminds me of when the Civil Wa r happened in the 1860s.

The country split into pieces. Then in 1864,we came back together. When I see the flag it reminds me of the soldiers that died protecting our country. When Isee the flag it reminds me of the original 13 colonies. When I see the flag it reminds me of the Pledge of Allegiance. What's good about that is you pledge a llegiance to our flag and country. Whats good a bout the Star-Spangled Banner is it says "Gave proof through the night that our flag was still there." What's important a bout that is it shows that our flag was still sta nding in the Revolutionary War.

I had a lot of fun writing this essay. I hope you like it a lot. I hope to do this again next year .


Carli Boggess

What the  American Flag Means to Me

By: Carli Boggess

The American Flag means a lot of different things to me, but the most important thing is that I know that every time see a flag soldiers risked their lives f or mankind and many of them passed away or were wounded very badly. The American Flag represents the thirteen colonies and the fifty states. There are seven red stripes on the American Flag and six white stripes, combined there are thirteen stripes representing the f irst original thirteen colonies. There are also fifty white stars representing all fifty states that we have now. The stars are inside of a "blue field" the color blue represents loyalty.

The American Flag tells me that now we are free, because our flag got raised and we won the Revolutionary War. The United States won independence from Britain and now the United States is a free country and am proud of it. Now we have peace, but our f lag still fly' s every day and will remain there forever. Confidence and Courage are two words mainly used to describe how the United States fought we never gave up even if bad things happen. Another word would be determination, we were determined to win the war and let our flag fly high.

The American Flag represents the United States in all really, everything from freedom and independence to America' s greatest leaders like George Washington, Abraham Lincoln, Thomas Jefferson, Generals who lead in the war, and even our current leaders now. You may know the last sentence in our country song II The Star Spangled Banner", 11 The Land of the Free and the Home of the Brave." Instead it should be II The Land of the Free Because of the Brave." What that means is exactly what it says we have free land and f reedom overall, because of the brave soldiers who fought for us.

The Fourth of July is a holiday normally celebrated around the whole United States of America. The Fourth of July is only separated in our country because   that was the day we won independence from England, by signing the Declaration of Independence. The American Flag is used to celebrate the Fourth of July to show our independence for the United States. The American Flag also represents construction/building and lots of it. Like what I 'm talking about is during wars obviously a lot of people were badly wounded or killed, and to just think about what happened to land and buildings. Everything that got touched in wars were pretty much ruined.

 Flags are everywhere really. They're at schools, hospitals, any government buildings really,   stores, homes, and war/battlefields. The White House has a big flag showing that we have independence, we have freedom, we have pride in out nation. Also at sporting events, or the Olympic Games, people stand up and honor the flag by hearing somebody sing or a mix of "The Star Spangled Banner" our national song. The American Flag is a national symbol of our country that 's why American flags are put up all over the United States.

When talked about our leaders or important people in time earlier there is one person that didn't mention that would like to mention now is Betsy Ross. Betsy Ross and a couple others (not mentioned very often) were the ones who sewed the American Flag, the ones who created the flag. That is a big deal without them we wouldn't have the flag design, and the flag in general that we have today. Another big person in time is Francis Scott Key, he wrote the "Star Spangled Banner", while sitting on a boat watching the war happen.

Back to the word freedom, our flag is all about freedom.  Freedom is the  main thing that in my opinion it represents. The Constitution is what got us our freedom that we have today. Our flag is what shows us freedom today. Like on that one night when Francis Scott Key was writing the "Star Spangled Banner" and  didn't even know what was happening with everything happening in a flash, but that morning something happened. Our flag was raised high and that is how everybody knew that we won independence from England, we won. The only reason people knew that happened it because of our flag, now our freedom, now our lives have changed.

That is what The American Flag means to me, and am very proud that I live in America.


Brezza Searles

What the American Flag Means to Me

By Brezza Searles

What the American  Flag Means to Me

To me the·American  flag  is a symbol of freedom  and justice . The flag's beautiful  stars and stripes are a reminder of how lucky I am to be an American citizen. It interests me that when  this country was being fought for, Genera l George Washington knew he and his army were badly outnumbered and low on supplies, but he didn't give up and with the help of his right hand man, Alexander Hamilton, won  the war. I  think that proves  that A mericans are brave, strong willed , and determined.

Some people don't realize how lucky they are to live in this country and not in a war torn one. There are so many brave men and women that died fighting for our freedom, and I feel sympathy for the families celebrating holidays like Halloween and Christmas who are missing a member. I think the flag stands for more than just freedom  but as a representation of these veterans. I find it a little bit ironic that the most common song that's stuck in my head  is "You're a Grand Old Flag" and now here I am writing an essay about it.

Every morning I pledge allegiance  to the flag, but not until I actually listened and thought about the words did I realize how important they were. It made me thi nk about my mom who served  in the army as a nurse. It also reminded  me of my step-sister's boyfriend, Josh, who is always so nice and funny and so fun to hang out with. I remembered when he had to go to Iraq and how sad I was that he had to leave.

I remember  when my dad  lived  in Washington  D.C. and my sister and I went to visit him. I saw the flag waving in the wind , the sun shining on it in all it's glory and beauty. It made me realize t hat you don't see the American !lag everywhere because it's the !lag of our country. it's there because i t represents the freedom and hope that our country stands for. That is what the American flag means to me.


Nicholas Kennedy

Old Glory

By : Nicholas Keµnedy 07


The American Flag is very interesting and has a wonderful history. The flag may not seem so important to some, but it is one of  our country 's most treasured items. This story tel l s where the flag was made, who made it, the meaning of the flag, and some facts about it. First let 's learn about the flag!

Most people believe that the flag originated from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.  The flag was said to be made during the Revolutionary War,  possibly in 1776.  The flag, was also said to be made by  Betsy Ross, a well-known Philadelphia seamstress. The American Flag has a grand history, but what does it mean to you and me?

The American Flag, Old Glory, Stars and  Stripes, whatever  you want to call it, possesses great times and memories. To me the flag is something that I can trust. It marks my freedom as a very thankful and proud American citizen. I love the American Flag, it represen ts my home, the U.S.A!


Audrey Hall

What the American Flag Means to Me

By: Audrey Hall

"Oh say can you see..." This famous song was written because of a symbol of freedom and liberty, called the American Flag. Americans all over the nation will say with pride what this flag means to them. To me, it means respect, bravery, and joy that this nation is free. I believe this is the most important symbol to our lovely country.

Many flags around the country are respected. My family and I are sports fans, and whenever we enjoy a game, the first thing I notice is the brilliance of the national anthem. I spot fans' faces in awe at our flag.  They show respect.  For instance, they take their hats off, sing along, and   keep their eyes on the red, white, and blue.  Whenever I'm at a game I do the same thing,  enjoying the song until it's over. Respect is also shown at my school, saying the Pledge of Allegianc©, students contentedly watching the flag.

Bravery is a strong word, and to me, one excellent adjective to describe the meaning of the American Flag. Many brave men and women have sacrificed their lives for our country's  freedom. My uncle is in the Air Force, and I look up to his courage and bravery. Looking at this flag, I think of all the people who have died for this country and the word brave comes to my mind.

Another word I think of is joy . Joy that we live in a free country. The feeling of safeness and that I am secure in my home. Independence Day has lots ofjoy . I remember spending it with my cousins and friends, watching colorful fireworks sitting on a blanket on the ground. It is such a joyous day for many Americans.

This flag is a symbol of multiple things to me, and many other Americans. We have many rights and privileges that other countries don't have. We have a government of the people, by the people, and for the people.  Most importantly, we have a symbol of freedom, the American Flag.


May 12, 2015

 (Left to right) Luke Parker - West Teays, Alex Daeng - Mountain View, David Richardson IV - Scott Teays, Quarrier Phillips - West Teays, McKenna Alley - Connor Street  and Brooke Salmons - Lakeside


Luke Parker

from West Teays Elementary School

The American Flag

When I think of the American Flag I think of it as more than just a piece of cloth. To me the American Flag represents the independence that this great nation fought for so that we could all be free. Time and time again this country has defended itself from the enemy forces . Almost everyday brave solders risk their lives for liberty and justice. To me, the red stripes on the flag represent the blood of our solders and the white stands for the peace that we fought for. The stars stand for the fifty states that make this great country. Each state is special to this country in its own special way.

I love the bold colors and beautiful stripes on this great American treasure. Ifeel our flag is truly a historical masterpiece. During the War of 1812, Frances Scott Key wrote a poem, that would later become the National Anthem in honor of our flag. I believe people all across America find different ways to honor it. They might put flags in their yards or say the Pledge of Allegiance. However, not everyone takes the time to appreciate our great American Flag. Ididn't always love the American flag like I do today.

I started to really respect the American Flag about three years ago when I was seven years old. Ever since I learned about the American Flag in the third grade, I have been a loyal patriot. I appreciate every thing this flag stands for today. I now look at the American flag as the great American treasure it actually is.

I believe the American Flag has held this great nation together for hundreds of years. The first American flag was made when our country divided and went into war. I sometimes wonder why our forefathers chose those bold colors for our great American Flag. Did she think of blood being shed? Or white in hope of peace? During times of war our flag always stands, waving in the wind. This proves that our nation really is the land of the free and the home of the brave.

To me America is the best nation in the world because of our fifty great states, our strong army, and our wonderful American Flag. We honor our flag at sporting events when everybody stands up and sings our National Anthem, when we say the pledge, and when we fly it w ith pride. America to me is an amazing place to live. I'm proud to be an American.


Alex Daeng

from Mountain View Elementary School

What the American Flag Means To Me

The flag means freedom to me. My mother side of the family is not from the United States. They are from Laos. My grandpa and grandma had to get a boat to escape across the Mekong River to a Refugee Camp in Thailand. They lived on a Refugee Camp for 3 years. They came to the United States where they had church sponsors in Charleston,West Virginia. They came here for freedom, better jobs, and a better life for my family.

The flag is a very important symbol to my mom's side of the family  because they wanted to be free from the  communist


David Richardson IV

from Scott Teays Elementary School

What the flag means to me

To me the flag is a symbol of courage, honor, loyalty, honesty, and valor for our country. The flag represents many killed in my family serving our country,but it also says to me "You Have Freedom" and Iknow that my ancestors gave that to me. I have many that fought in my family and here they are my grandfather, cousin, great grandad, great great grandad,and a few other greats that fought for our country and died in honor of our flag. My father is a cop and once was almost killed, his best friend jumped  in front of the bullet, and luckily he survived  his injuries and if I could talk to him right now I would like to say thank you for your honor and valor and because of you my father lives. The country lives in freedom because of my family and everyone who has ever served it, just so I can wake up and be free and.not captive, and I can drink fresh water, eat good food. Every time Isee the flag it tells me I am still free from captivity.  This is a great country t  at Iwill stay loyal to forever, whatever  happens to me. This nation lives in peace because of the soldiers who fought for this nation and still are. We won many wars and hope no more come,but if they do we will be ready and we will win. That's what the American flag means to me,and that's how its going to stay, forever .

Quarrier Phillips

from West Teays Elementary School

What The Flag Means to Me

Old Glory,Stars and Stripes, Star Spangled Banner, Red White a nd Blue, no matter what you call it, it's the American flag,and that's what really matters. The flag means more than just a piece of cloth. It's all the soldiers over seas and the past veterans who have fought and defended this wonderful country of ours.When I look at the flag,it reminds me to thank all of the military personnel that put their lives at risk every day to make sure that the first government for the people, by the people, and of the people still remains.

A soldier I want to recognize is my stepdad's father. He was in the military and when he passed away there was an American flag draped over his casket. They did a 21 gun salute. My stepdad's mom has the flag folded up in a glass case and my stepdad, Flip, has one of the shell casings from the 21 gun salute. He wears it on his keychain everyday.

The flag has helped build this country's dynasty and flown high through best of times, and even the worst. There was even a flag still flying at the sight of 9/11, even all the rubble couldn't destroy this wonderful nation's flag. It couldn't destroy the cloth of the flag,but it also couldn't bring down the meaning of the

American flag.Through that disaster the flag brought us together as a country and helped everybody  recover.

When I see an American flag soaring high I think of courage, liberty, and justice. Courage because of all of the soldiers who devote their lives to helping our country, and also all of the other administrations like the Red Cross who help in a disaster. Liberty because of all the founding fathers who knew that they were putting themselves in harm when they signed the Declaration of Independence but they didn't hesitate for a moment. Last but not least justice. It means the right

to a fair trial. In America it doesn't matter what race or gender you are. You will always have a fair and equal trial,a nd that's what the flag means to me.


McKenna Alley

from Conner Street Elementary School

"What the American Flag Means to Me"

When I see the flag I see every person who lives in the country or ever did live here. I see their hope, their life and their liberty. To me there is nothing more beautiful than the sound of an American flag snapping in the wind. The flag has been America's mother, watching us grow and thrive as a union.

The flag was there during our darkest times. It was there in the Civil War when people who had known each other for years wouldn't talk to each other. There were two flags, but only one has a history of hope. A history of love  and freedom - the flag of the union.


Only the American flag can make even the strongest cry. Only the American flag can make soldiers feel safe and secure. Only the American flag symbolizes a nation, our nation, the.United States of America. Only the flag can say, "This is America!" we are all connected - a family.

In World War II there was a battle known as Iwo Jima. Three or four soldiers were struggling to raise the flag to show that we had won the battle, the war. Now that is an important symbol representing the sacrifices U. S. soldiers have made. Another symbol of the United States military is the Korean  War Memorial that says, "Freedom is not free". The flag represents that  freedom.

I am proud to have grown up in America because we are all strong. Our government is strong. Our economy is strong, our people are strong and our flag is strong. Our flag is the symbol of our 50 states, each one so alike, yet different. We are all strong, because we are  united.

Only that flag can make me  say:


I pledge allegiance to the flag of the United States of America and to the Republic for which it   stands.

one nation under God, indivisible,

with liberty and justice for all.


Brooke Salmons

from Lakeside Elementary School

What The American   Flag M eans To  M e

The American Flag is important to me because it is a symbol of our freedom and  we should  be  proud  of that. Some  countries don't have freedom. and liberty like we do, so we should  respect the American Flag  and remenber all who have fought for us.

Every day, our American soldiers are all over the world, keeping us out of harm's way. I am truly grateful for all the soldiers that have fought and are fighting for us. My grandfather has fought and served for us. He was a great man and he respected the American flag. When I see the American flag, I will always remernber all the soldiers that served.

Our national  anthem, "The Star-Spangled Banner"  means so much  to me. I think  it is very respectful  to put your hand  over your heart. You should never disrespect  the song. I think it is great that we do the Pledge of Allegiance  and  the national anthem every day at school. Our flag has  been  through  many battles  and has shown us it will always represent  our freedom, liberty,  and our independence. I think  it is very respectful  that when the flag touches the ground, you should burn it in a respectful ceremony.

The Arnerican flag should always be honored. I will always respect it even when life gets tough. The flag will help my future and all of our futures. The flag is a great symbol of our freedom. I hope everyone always respects it.



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