Mighty Rampbuilders at Work

Handicap Access Ramp


It took two weekends, three week days, three pizzas, three dozen donuts, two cases of sodas, a case of water and a dedicated group of Severn River Lions to construct a massive handicap access ramp so Hoyle Ellison can leave his house and enjoy sitting in the shade in his back yard.  The project was one of many Rebuilding Together projects in Anne Arundel County.  Rebuilding Together asked the Severn River Lions if they would take on this major project.  The club immediately stepped up to the job continuing a long tradition of helping the handicapped.


The project began on May 20, with layout and the last nail was driven a week later.  Lions had built four platforms, three ramps totaling 43 feet, steps for the able bodied to avoid the long ramp, handrails, toe rails, and everything in between.


Many thanks and kudos to the Lions who made this a successful project:  Project Captain Lion Dale Strait, George Councill, Wayne Dudeck, Rhine Jager, Jim Morris (our newest Lion), Bill O’Neil, Randy Roberts, Ollie Wittig, Bill Zelenakas, and especially Carl Gilbert who was there for the entire project.

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