Roger Friessen - President - 712-281-3543

Juanita Ehret - Secretary 

Ann Hill – Treasurer - 252-4309


USPS:    Sioux City Lions Club. P.O. Box 5233, Sioux City, IA 51101


Agee, Robert  490-0810 – c

Benne, Larry  490-5688 – c

Bradely, Danny 276-4659 – h

Brown, Brenda 223-45-19 – h

Chamberlain, Lee 212-6109 – c

Griffith, Sue 712-253-2169-c

Hayward, Ken  402-987-4326 -  h

Hill, Ann  252-4309 – w

Hoover, Sidney  276-7430 – h

Jacobs, Timothy 251-2436 – c

Miller, Dorothy  944-4810 – h

Miller, Keith  944-4810 – h

Owens, Brian 333-1088 – c

Prout, Tom  402-494-6595 – h

Rarratt, Cindy  279- 6170 - w

Sherman, Gene  490-6321 – c

Wall, Chris   279-6170 – w

Will, Ron 239-1023 - h

If you're a needy (federal poverty level or below) adult wishing to apply for an eye exam/glasses or hearing aids, obtain an application from and return to THE CENTER for SIOUXLAND  at 715 Douglas Street. Parents/guardians Sioux City school students should contact their school nurse as they will help whose students needing an eye exam and glasses. They will contact us if other help is not available.

We do not provide eye exams/glasses if you have or are eligible for Title 19 (Medicaid).

After completing the application and returning it to The Center they will forward it to us.

Steve and Barb Cogdill receive a special honor award from the Iowa Lions District Governors for their outstanding Iowa KidSight efforts. Through their efforts the Sioux City Lions Club's Iowa KidSight program lead the state of Iowa in the number of children screened.

If you are interested in joining our Lions Club you can download a membershp application from the International Lions webstie. See:

APPLICATION FORM at                                            



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