2018-2019 CALENDAR

July 1 - Dues Due - see below for details*

September  - Labor Day - if first Monday is on Labor Day there is no meeting.

October - Pancake Days. (1st Fri from 5-7 p.m. & first Sat 7:00 a.m. – Noon)

December  - Christmas Party (Specific date will be set by the Social Committee)

By March 15– Nominations - Officers, Directors, Membership & Trusts Committee and President's Standing Committees

By April 15 – Election of Officers, Directors, Membership & Trusts Investments Committee members and Approval of Presidents Appointed Standing Committees.

April – Selection of Citizen of YearLion of Year, Warren Coleman Award(# based on our budget) and Melvin Jones Award ($1000 payment every third year). Awards given in June.

June 1 – Dues Invoices are sent by this date for SCLC Year of July 1 — June 31

June – Installation of Elected Officers, Directors, Membership & Trusts Committee Members. Appointed Standing Committees are presented. Year’s Awards are given.

July 15 – Those whose dues are not paid are dropped from SCNLC BULLETIN service and a final invoice is sent. Those whose dues aren’t received by Sept. 15 are dropped from District 9-NW, Iowa Lions and International Lions membership. See also Section 6. GOOD STANDING below.*

*Section 6. GOOD STANDING. Any member who fails to pay any indebtedness due this club within sixty (60) days after receipt of written notice from the secretary shall forfeit his/her good standing and shall so remain until such indebtedness is paid in full. Only members in good standing may exercises the voting privilege and hold office in this club.(From Article III. Meetings and Quorum Requirements of  International Lions Standard From Constitution and By-Laws adopted by  SCNL Club Board in 2008.

* $97/year. Dues are not deductible charitable contributions. However, if you own a business, they may be deductible as an ordinary and necessary business expense. Invoices are sent by June 15. Semiannual dues can be paid by Jume 1 ($46.00) and January 1 ($46.00). Reduced Family Dues for up to 4 in same household of head of household paying $92 each pay $61.68*. A first-time-only $25 International fee - not prorated - for a new member is required unless military or student. Only the head of household pays this fee when family joins under the Reduced Family Dues Plan. New members dues are pro-rated based on the month of the Lion’s year of July 1 to June 30. 

New Member Application:    

            HEAD OF HOUSEHOLD                    OTHER  FAMILY MEMBERS             

            International Lions       $43.00                                    International Lions       $21.50

            Iowa Lions                   $21.00                                   Iowa Lions                   $  9.83

            District 9NW                $  7.50                                    District 9NW                $  7.50

            Sioux City Lions          $25.50                                     Sioux City Lions          $22.85

            Total                            $97.00                                     Total                            $61.68

International Lions Clubs first-time only non-pro-rated $25 fee is required of all new members except military or students .

*A reduced family dues structure was initiated a few years ago as International and Iowa Lions each reduced their dues for up to four others living in the household of the “head of household”who pays full dues. Same-household residency is not required for family members under age 26 if pursuing higher education or serving in their country’s military.

Example: A husband and wife yearly dues for July 1- June 30  ar $92.00 + 61.68 or $153.68. Add the $25 first-time only fee for each of them unless the are a student or verteran.

Example: If joining in March, pro-rated dues are 4/12 of $92.00 or $30.67 (add $25 as above if first time member) = 55.67 and each family member’s dues are 4/12 of $61.68 or $20.49 + $25 = 45.49. The first time only member fee is not pro-rated.

SC Lions Club Members can pay $46.00 semiannually July 1 and January 1. Family members can pay $30.84 July 1 and January 1.

Members are dropped from rosters if dues are not paid by September 1.

Raffle tickets sold at club meetings are for our club's use and to keep dues at a reasonable amount. All other fund raised from the public must only be used for public services.

Sioux City Lions Club raises funds and offers services to promote sight and hearing health and also supports charitable organizations, youth, including Project PROM (drug free prom activities) annual scholarships for high school seniors and preschool vision screenings through the Iowa KidSight program, etc.

For more information about our club, please see information provided in the other topics listed in the menu on the left of this page. 

The MEMBERS section listed near the bottom of the menu on the left side can only be accessed by club members with their User Name and Password. It has a DIRECTORY of all members and their phone numbers, email addresses, etc. It also has sections containing our officers, directors, committees, etc.

More information will be added or changed on this website as members/board and others suggest.




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