Renovation Of the Cacoosing Recreation Facility

The renovation and upgrade of the Spring Township Cacoosing picnic facility, a 2014 Summer Project for the Spring Township Lions Club has been completed. George Peiffer, club president, and Larry Dmochowski, the project lead, completed the project by installing the recognition sign on October 6. The facility is part of the Spring Township Parks which are used extensively and had begun to show the effect of use and age. Both the structure and the equipment needed attention.

The Spring Township Lions and the project leader recognized the need and with the approval of the Spring Township Parks and Recreation, proceeded with the work while not interfering with the facility availability. The siding, which had deteriorated, was sequentially removed, the main structure cleaned and reinforced, then new siding was installed. New exterior serving doors were fabricated and installed. The exterior was then given two fresh coats of paint. On the inside, a new stainless steel grill area was fabricated, including a new grill bench and storage cabinets. An exhaust fan was installed over the grill to remove smoke.

The total project required approximately 1000 hours of volunteer labor by club members and their wives.

The supplies were provided by the Spring Township Lions while WARCO assisted in the fabrication of the steel items.



  • Chicken barbecue sales
  • Fund solicitation campaigns
  • Food service at festivals
  • Broom & trash bag sales
  • Christmas tree sales
  • White cane collections


  • Used eyeglass collection
  • Halloween parade sponsor
  • Meals on Wheels
  • Transportation service for blind
  • Phillies game sponsor
  • Community repair projects
  • KidSight pre-school eye testing


  • High school scholarships
  • Libraries
  • Sight and hearing services
  • Housing shelters/soup kitchens
  • Recreation associations
  • Particular needs for individuals
  • Lion International Fund
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