The 2021 Treasure Hunt

Clue #1: Welcome to our 2021 hunt and play it safe please, Take it back to childhood and these clues become a breeze.

Clue #2: A portal to natures mysteries lay in wait. Now pay attention and grab your slate.

Clue #3: Keep on the sunny side, and don't forget your East Side Pride. Packed full of information these clues contain. Don't bother searching up and down Payne.

Clue #4: Tweak your parkas but don't lose your top, And please don't bother that mini crop.

Clue #5: It took a village to raise a champion among our very own, An athlete and a class act as she has shown.

Unpublished Clue#6: From the beginning to the end, her performance we commend. Sunisa Lee will guide you if you comprehend. Head to the East coast or the North shore, that should only be a couple miles from your door.

Unpublished Clue#7: To find the dough follow your nose, and get yourself standing where underfoot Creek flows.

Unpublished Clue#8: What the heck, get yourself to Duluth and Case Rec. Between 2 sets of circles 9,The plum drop line, your search confine. Along Phalen boulevard, it shouldn't be so hard.

Clue Explanations:

Clue #1: Welcome and Play it safe are both etched into the playground equipment. Breeze = Vento regional trail. Vento is Italian for wind.

Clue #2 : Portal to Natures Mysteries is/was a sign that hung on the Outdoor classroom board. Slate = Classroom.

Clue #3 : sunny side is an early hint at Sunisa Lee but more about the Optimism Baseball sandlot field. East side, direction within boundaries. Packed full/Contain = Case St.

Clue #4 : Tweak Parkas = Anagram for the Sepak Takraw court. Top = Tuj Lub court (played with a top). Mini crop = the several vegetable gardens.

Clue #5 : Village/Among = Hmong Village. Athlete/A second hint at Sunisa Lee. Class act/Outdoor classroom.

Clue #6 : Beginning/End. Take the first and last letter of Sunisa Lee to get SE/ Southern part of the park. East Coast = Atlantic St. North shore = Duluth ave.

Clue #7 : Dough = Bakery. Phalen creek watershed runs under the hiding spot.

Clue #8 : 2 sets 9 circles = 2 signs facing each other with 9 circles on each. Directly between them was the spot to search into the trees. Plum drop line = The row of wild plum trees growing in a thin strip along the trail.

The 2021 medallion was found, at Duluth and Case recreation center in the outdoor classroom by Jesse Barton and Mike Nowak. Clue explanations will be posted soon.

The 2020 Medallion has been found details shortly.

2020 Clues

Clue#1:The Harvest Festival treasure hunt has begun and this will be our fourth, If you want to have success start by looking north.

Clue#2 :Swatting or catching flies should help confirm your find, The park is right in front of you or are you blind?

Clue#3 : Read the rules, you won't need any digging tools. Our Minnesota Rock's, at least within several blocks.

Clue#4 :Lean away from the lake, to pull in this take, and avoid golfer green's for heaven's sake.

Clue#5 : No early luck? Perhaps failing will get you unstuck. This 2020 year, should have you seeing clear, and always secure the wheel as you steer.

The 2020 Harvest Festival Treasure hunt will start September 25th at 5:00 p.m. Clues will be posted here. This year there will be 6 clues. If not found by then additional clues will be given until found.

Congratulations to Matt Littlefield and Josh Ellingson on finding the 2019 Harvest Festival Medallion.

Clue explanations: Clue 1: Fools and boundaries tell you it's on the border of Dayton's Bluff neighborhood.

Clue#2: peel back history= the history board information kiosks at the park were all peeling from the sun, also a reference to Post It notes/3M, which was formerly across the street.

Clue#3: In the city, and Lucky that way. Are both Joe Walsh songs. Walsh street. Also Daft Punk "Get Lucky" was a backdoor to figure out Dayton's Bluff. Being daft and getting punked both hint at fool/bluff.

Clue#4: the acronym H.P. heritage park should have been a hint with Initial. The Trapeze center, and vertical endeavors are the adventures above.

Clue#5: fail was a hint at Phalen Creek which runs (now underground) from the lake to Mississippi. And to follow the flow from lake Phalen. Don't fail also = Not lake Phalen. You May Cry aloud= an acronym for YMCA. And also a reference to nearby Payne av. Community and Proud = East Side the parks prefix.

Clue#6: The highest card is Ace Hardware, Spin = Whirl, Puddle = Pool. Whirlpool was a former factory located here. Need = Neid street.

Clue#7:Passed down, and Legacy = Heritage, skate, walk, or ride = hidden near a path.

Clue#8: leaves= hiding place, inside a box or crayons turned inside out. Floor = on the ground. The 2 dominant colors are Green and white. For Greenbrier and Whitall streets. They intersect in the middle of the park, narrowing down where to look.

Clue#9:the beginning and end of "WHY" are W and y, both letters seen on the connecting paths from above. Adds to 8 being grand= the Grand rounds direction post, if you counted the mileage of the several locations they added to 8 miles, and these arrows pointed you on the right path to take. Giving you a hand= a hand imprint in the concrete near the bench is 25 feet from the hiding spot.

Clue 10 was an exact pinpoint. 25 paces east of the bench, 10 north, under cottonwood leaves, behind a tree, on the ground.

2019 clues

Clue#1: Our third treasure hunt is now underway, And know there isn't much in this clue other than to say. Stay within our boundaries, and be sure to read the rules, Get out there and find it, you are no fools.

Clue#2: Peel back our history once you are there, Read what is written it will help you fare.

Clue#3: Search in the city as you may. Keeping your beat, some get lucky that way.

Clue#4: Having adventures above as your feature attraction, Perhaps trust your initial reaction.

Clue#5: Don't fail to follow the flow, You should know which way to go. You may cry aloud, This is our community and we are proud.

Clue#6: Drawing the highest card, should not be that hard. Spin to win, don't muddle in the puddle. Having the need for greed, will put you in the lead.

Clue#7: This park was passed down, a shared legacy we have found. Don't forget our East Side pride, going past as you skate, walk, or ride.

Clue#8: As the leaves begin to change, in this seasonal exchange. Like a box of crayons spilled on the floor. There are 2 main colors that dominate our state, figure this out and you will do great.

Unpublished clue #9: Why?from beginning to end, it can be your friend. Like a bird's eye from the sky. If it adds to 8 that would be grand, would it help if I gave you a hand?

Unpublished clue#10 near the bench with the hand print, 25 paces east, 10 paces north, under cottonwood leaves, behind a tree.

Introducing the 2019 Harvest Festival treasure hunt, clue #1 will be September 13th at 5 p.m. here............ ............................................................

Tomorrow is the big day clue#1, are you excited?


2018 clues


----Clue # 7: Clue #7 is that a clue? What is red yellow green and spouts blue? Now reach down and tie your shoe, you can be a Joe Somebody too.----

----Clue # 6: This place is not a park, if this disturbs you please do not bark, for Pete's sake there is no good place to park, just being a rascal on a lark, does any of this hit the mark?----

----Clue # 5: She's your friend and knows who you are, as you walk through her hills and drive in your car, make the connection and from treasure you will not be far.----

----Clue # 4: I suppose I should say remember when, this was that now is then, Remix that as if you were Eminem, and bring you closer to medallions den.----


---Clue #3: I will See about giving a hint to you, maybe you have been an outsider too, perhaps it will help if you correctly read this clue.----


----Clue #2: A man named Sheen, who's son was quite keen, also from the silver screen, from this what do you glean?----


---Clue #1: Thanks to everyone last year who came, to participate in our medallion hunt game, this years theme is our claim to fame, be the one to find and make your name, lets see what you have retained.--------



WELCOME to the 2018 East Side Lions
Harvest Festival Treasure HUNT Page

  Watch here for clues: Sept 7th - 16th 


Hidden within the boundaries of Larpentuer Avenue, 7 th Street,  Johnson Parkway,  and highway 35 E, a medallion will be placed. 
On public ground it can be found,  avoid private property, golf courses,  schools,  churches,  and businesses. 
Avoid all landscaped plantings,  and respect natural wild flower areas.
No digging, climbing, or dismantling of any city property is allowed. 
The Lions Harvest Festival Buttons Program has the right to cancel the hunt at any moment if these rules are not followed. 
The finder will be allowed to keep the medallion,  and be given The GRAND Prize  and a ride in the parade Saturday September 28th, Noon on Payne Ave as this year's finder. 
Good luck and stay safe.
St Paul East Side Lions Club
SAVE THE DATE!!!!  Wednesday September 19th at 6pm at the American Legion Post 577
2nd Annual Harvest Festival AWARDS Dinner
* Treasure Hunt Winner Announced and Recognized
* Drawing winner for 2018 Harvest Festival Button 
* Top Button Seller Award
* Harvest Festival Ambassadors - Crowned
* Bundt Cake Competition
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