Park Reservations are handled online only

by emailing

You may text me at 740-590-9111



Please include:



Contact cell number


Arrival and Departure Times

Type of gathering

Identify Location Desired:


#1 --- Lion Den & Attached Pavilion----

Only the Pavilion is open to reserve as of 5/12/2021.

When the actually building is available, we will let those who have reserved the attached Pavilion know.

#2 -- Trustees' Shelter House (new) is available to reserve.


#3 --  Friend Shelter Houses (small group of three porches near parking area) is available to reserve.




Lion Laura Jordan

You may text me with questions at 740-590-9111




The Plains Community Park Grounds Use




The Plains Community Park Shelter House Project,pdf


The Plains Community Park Basketball Court Project








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