President Rose Carey
1st Vice President Danny Garon 
2nd Vice President Dave Davis
Zone Chair Gil Medeiros
Past President Dr. Frank Lucchetti
Secretary Patt Bettinelli
LCIF Chairperson Nicole Sinclair
Treasurer John Murray
Lion Tamer Dave Carey
Tail Twister Charlie Bettinelli
Membership Chairperson

Lillian  Brunton

Short Term Director Mike Rogina
Short Term Director Greg Baxter
Long Term Director David Block
Long Term Director Lorrie Kalos
Project Chairs

Boy Scout Liason

Chamber of Commerce Liaison


Crab Feed Chairman

Crab Feed Kitchen and Food Coordinator

Dinner Meeting Food Coordinator

John Murray

Danny Garon


Charlie Bettinelli



Eyeglass Box Collector  

Eyeglass Program Chair

Eye Exam Coordinator

Flag Day Coordinator

Flags for Sonoma Valley Schools

Greg Baxter

Greg Baxter

Dave Carey

Frank Lucchetti

Golf Tournament Chairman

Historian / Publicist

Mike Rogina

Rose Carey


Lions Banner Coordinator

Lions Banquet Chair

Gerry Baptista



Photographer & Woodworker

Pig-in the-Poke Money Taker

Sonoma Fire Dept. Pancake Breakfast Chair

Student Speaker Chairperson

Vision Screening Equipment Coordinator

Carmen Buffington

David Block

Charlie Bettinelli

Dave Carey

Dr. Frank Lucchetti

Dave Carey


50/50 Raffles Coordinator


Paul Brown

Mike Rogina




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