Lions Membership is a gift to you:

  • You get the satisfaction of helping people in our local community and many places in the world through a united effort. Together we can do more.
  • Friendship, fellowship, and fun getting together at meetings, conventions, and parties. Get to know club members in our community and the broader Lion Community. 
  • Convenient and enjoyable dinner meetings; time to forget or talk business, have fun, and enjoy interesting speakers.
  • Networking getting to know people, where they live, what their interests are.
  • Opportunities to work with other club members supporting humanitarian needs.
  • Membership in the world's largest service organization with people of like minds and common goals all around the globe; 1.4 members strong.

How do I become a Lion?

First, ask yourself a few simple questions.

  • Do you want to make your community a better place?
  • Can you find a few hours every month to attend meetings?
  • Are you willing and able to get along with others?
  • Can you commit to volunteering at community events?

If you answered yes, then you are ready to become a Lion.

What will be expected of me?

‚ÄčThe Victoria Lions is a service organization and therefore we expect all members to serve.

You can serve in a number of ways

Assist as assigned in one of our fund raising activities, as a member you are expected to work on our funding raising activities and are expected to find a replacement if you cannot make the one to which you are assigned.

  • Annual softball Tournament
  • Highway Cleanup
  • Annual Pork Chop Dinner
  • Annual Fish Fry
  • Annual Spring Fling

You can serve on planning committee for

  • Annual softball Tournament
  • Annual Pork Chop Dinner
  • Annual Fish Fry
  • Annual Spring Fling
  • Blood drive

You can serve in Community events

  • Blood drives
  • Annual Golf tournament
  • Annual Cross Country run
  • Halloween party
  • Poinsettias to seniors
  • Easter egg hunt
  • Peace Poster
  • Classic Car Night
  • Midwinter convention

You can serve on the planning committee for

  • Endowment Fund
  • Blood drives
  • Halloween party
  • Easter egg hunt

Volunteer to serve on the Leadership Team

Attend membership meetings on a regular basis.
Timely payment of dues

Want to become a Lion?

If you would like to become a member please email us, and we will have someone call you or you can contact a current Lion member for sponsorship.

We invite you to attend a meeting, as a guest, to see if you like the atmosphere.  Meetings are held at the Lions Pavilion on the Second and Fourth Mondays of the Month - September through May.  Social Hour begins at 6:00pm with a meeting following, usually concluding at 8:00pm.

When you decide to become a Lion you will need to complete a Membership Application Form.


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