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Relieving Hunger

Pride Lions make a donation to Foster Care Holidays

For the 8th year,  club members have chosen to make a sizeable donation to the Golden State Foster Children of Tulare County. We presented the Golden State Foster Care organization with a $1000 dollar donation, specifically targeted towards holiday gifts for the children.  Foster care is close to our members hearts as several club members have experience through their professional lives, having been in foster care themselves or having been a foster or adoptive parent.  Each year, in November, our club members have speakers from the organization come to a club meeting where they report on the current status of the organization, the numbers of minors served by foster care and answer questions. In the past, members have volunteered to wrap holiday presents for the kids and have also donated new toys, gifts and gift cards to the agencies to give out. There are many foster parents among the LGBT community throughout the United States.  As an LGBT organization, the Visalia Pride Lions feels very proud to represent our community with this donation each year.

Chair: Lion Cheri Provancha


Homeless Connect in Visalia

In September, October and November, the Visalia Pride Lions set a goal of collecting at least 60 pairs of socks that we could donate to the Homeless Connect event that takes place in January.  Homeless Connect is an outstanding 1 day event that takes place in 3 different cities around Tulare County.  During the event, homeless and sheltered individuals and families are invited to participate in a variety of free clinics, vision screenings, government agency desks, health checks, bike repair, family outreach and many other services that will assist them in their lives. From new warm socks to tarps and blankets, this one day connection draws over 100 people from around our area that need a helping hand.

Pride members volunteered at the 2015 event and noticed that blankets were requested by the participants but were not available in Visalia. So, members and friends of the club pitched in to purchase blankets for the upcoming event. We surpassed our goal of 60 blankets and collected 80 instead.  This year the participants will be able to grab a new blanket and keep a little warmer.  If you are interested in volunteering, contact the Tulare Homeless Alliance or visit:

Chair: Lion Bobbie Mendez


Youth Committee

The club will continue to partner with the Gay-Straight alliance clubs in High Schools around Kings and Tulare Counties. We visit the clubs and introduce ourselves to them as LGBT adults and Lions in their community. We will continue to donate the starter libraries of state approved LGBT literature we began in 2011 for each club so they have their own new books.  With each year, there are new GSA clubs in the area and our goal is to visit them all and establish a connection of friendship and support. The youth committee also supports the weekly LGBT teen meetings for Tulare County Health Program by supplying snacks and assiting on a summer activity like a day at the waterpark. 

Committee Chair: Lion Diana & Chris 


LGBT Elder Committee

The Pride Lions are currently working to facilitate a link between the LGBT services and training that is available now to county governments around the country and the county staff here in Tulare County.   National organizations like SAGE and OPEN DOORS in San Francisco, train organizations on how to sensitively interface with LGBT seniors, recognize special needs and offer special programs to benefit them.  Our club goal is to bring that training here to our county and make life better for our older population.

Committee Chair: Lion Cassandra


Scholarship Committee

Our club goal for spring, is to continue to award student scholarships for outstanding achievement in the LGBT local student communities. Our committee is currently working to determine the recipient pool, award criteria, amount and other parameters that will determine the structure of this program. This committee is led by club members who are current or retired educators and administrators and is open to any club member interested in shaping this important community outreach program.

Committee Chair: Lion Cheri


Visalia Band Review Committee

Each year, on a Saturday in October, the 6 Lions clubs of Visalia co-host the High School and Jr High Band competition. It is held at the Visalia Stadium. A morning parade begins the day where we, sell donuts, water and programs along the route, hold signs to direct the bands and assist in any way we can. Later we staff the concession stand and gates into the stadium, and assist as needed.  This is a really fun event each year and we need every Lion to make it a success.  There are always shifts available. Mark it on your calendar!  This is a fund-raiser and community outreach program.

Committee Chair: Lion Diana




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