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Lion Chris Karnitsky (President)
Lion Carolina Wood (Vice President)
Lion Bobby Kalipersaud (Secretary)
Lion Shane Erho (Treasurer)
Lion Sharon Dakin (Membership)
Lion Glen Zahara (Director)
Lion Russell Hill (Director)
Lion Doris Thomas (Director)
Lion John Thomas (Director)
Lion Nancy Aikman
Lion Alvin Chambers
Lion Paul De Beaudrap
Lion Marjorie Desjardine
Lion Rudy Hartke
Lion Henry Peters
Lion Isabel Peters
Lion Clifford Reed
Lion Arden White

What is a Lion?
Have you ever asked yourself or anyone else, what is a Lion? You may very well be a Lion and not be able to explain it to yourself. Each year we recruit and induct new members into Lionism with the hope they will get the Lions’ spirit and become active Lions.
Simple as it may seem, sometimes things have to be explained in a little more detail. Becoming a Lion is much more than attending meetings, paying dues and going to the state, national and international conventions.
Being a Lion becomes a way of thinking, acting and doing. A true Lion is always on the alert to be of assistance. Our motto, “We Serve”, then becomes meaningful. To live a useful life in the service of all mankind gives no greater responsibility nor satisfaction.
A Lion receives no special accolades or acclaim from those he associates with or to whom he renders assistance. The self-satisfaction of participating in and seeing a project to a successful completion is a God-given reward itself-self-satisfaction.
The touching of another’s life and receiving hope and desire are unbelievable emotions we dare to share. Imagine the sensations of feeling worthwhile and a whole person again The experience of hope again is resilient.
We must always remember as we live our lives one day at a time, that the poorest soul we meet, in our short journey, may teach us the greatest lesson we have ever shared.
--Joseph A. Kucera, Brookfield Lions Club, District 27-A2, Wisconsin.




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