This is the proper way to display Dan D. Lion.  WTG South Attleboro Lions!  Dan D. is a magnet for little kids, and he is also relatively delicate, so please either rope him off like pictured, or assign a member to stay with Dan D. and keep the little ones from using him like a "bouncy house".  He is also tethered in at least three places, so no need to worry about him blowing over and either damaging himself, or landing on one of the kids and hurting them.  Again, Wtg to Ken from South Attleboro Lions.  And don't forget the zipper on Dan D.'s back right leg is to remain open at least half way.  Otherwise Dan D. may "blow his top" and burst his seams.  Dan D. Lion is ready to help your club.

Would your club like to attract some extra attention to your next event?  While you are cooking food for them, let Dan D. keep them occupied.  He sits over 15 feet tall, is cute as a bug, makes the children giggle and the parents will stay long enough for you to invite them to join the lions!  

Dans' Trailer has been upgraded.  He now comes with a beautiful oversized grass covered trailer that easily folds up to a size that can be towed by almost any vehicle.  As you can see from the picture above, he is quite impressive with a lawn mower pulling him, but just as good behind a pickup truck or car. The measurements for the trailer are.... for traveling; 77" wide X 12' long with a 38" tongue.  15" from ground to top of ball hitch.  Ball is 1 7/8ths.  When open for parade work, the trailer is 158" (just over 13') wide with the same length as when traveling.


Dan has a change of clothes (sorta) and a banner or two that he can hold up.  Ask us for the sizes, and you can have a banner made up for your own club or event. We have also just acquired a red superman cape for Dan D. to wear.  It is adorned with a large red "S" on the back for those of us in district 33s.

All rental fees for Dan D. Lion will be sent on to MLERF to help continue our fight against the darkness that is blindness.

For availability and pricing, contact the Abington Lions Club at or by phone at 617-967-0944

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