Sleep in Heavenly Peace partnership

Newest partnership for the Bench Lions in 2017.  The club has built some beds for Sleep in Heavenly Peace and will be also active in delivering and setting them up,  We were all surprised by the sheer need for beds.The Bench Lions and Sleep in Heavenly Peace have an ongoing  working relationship. The club delivers and assembles beds for families in the area in need of beds. Several Lions inspected recently built beds to get them ready for delivery.




Whether you are moving into a smaller home, a retirement home, or faced with the loss of a loved one, the Boise Bench Lions can provide an quick and worry free solution to handling the estate.  

With extensive experience in resale that has equipped us with a vast knowledge of antiques, collectibles and common household items.  We have earned a reputation for integrity, the ability to price items accurately and expertise in selling.  The Boise Bench Lions Club offers a complete liquidation service.  

This is a fundraiser for the Boise Bench Lions and proceeds are returned to the community through a variety of projects and donations.

A Boise Bench Lions Representative will be happy to meet with you to explain our format and procedure.  Please send an e-mail to or call 208 344-9931.

Rake Up Boise

About 20 staunch Boise Bench Lions members turned out to rake two homes for Rake up Boise on December 6, 2014.  The project had been delayed several weeks due to snow and holidays, but a little rain did not slow us down that day.  Over 50 bags of leaves were raked up and dropped off at a couple of collection points.  Good coffee and donuts bring volunteers in.






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