Boulder Junction Lions Flea Market Rules -2015

1. In order to promote the Flea Market  to the community of Boulder Junction and visitors, all vendors are expected to conduct themselves in a professional manner towards Market customers, other vendors, staff and volunteers. This behavior fosters a sense of Market community, camaraderie and a spirit of cooperative involvement. All vendors must respect their neighbor’s peace and quiet. 
 2. Vendors who pay for the season receive a ten percent (10%) discount.  Vendors who pay for a month at a time receive a 5% discount.  All who do NOT PREPAY must register and pay before they set up. 
3.The use of a paid reserved site is NOT transferable to another vendor.  All vendors must be present by 8 a.m. unless they notify the Lions that they are arriving later.  After 8 a.m. the space(s) MAY be resold to another vendor and NO REFUNDS will be issued.
4. ALL VENDORS MUST REMOVE THEIR OWN TRASH!  We provide waste receptacles for your customers as they shop.  We DO NOT PROVIDE garbage cans or trash removal for vendors.  Please keep Dr. Kate Park clean by removing your trash!
5. We do NOT permit the sale of any item that shoots a projectile (water, corks, marshmallows, darts, fiber pellets, metal pellets, etc.)  Sale of any item prohibited by town, county, state or federal law is also prohibited.  This includes the sale of firearms, drug paraphernalia or illegal weapons such as butterfly knives. 
6. Items that contain obscene phrases, vulgar words or are offensive in other ways, as determined  by the Boulder Junction Lions,  MAY NOT be sold.
7. Any purchase by a minor without the parents present is conditional to the approval of the parents.  If the parents object to the purchase a refund must be made.
8. The Boulder Junction Lions DO NOT permit the sale of live animals of ANY species.
9. The Boulder Junction Lions ARE NOT liable for theft, damage, or injury occurring at the Flea Market.   
10. Vendor(s) agrees to indemnify the Boulder Junction Lions & the Town of Boulder Junction and to hold the Boulder Junction Lions and the Town of Boulder Junction harmless from any and all claims (including the cost of defense of any claim) resulting from vendor’s activities at the Flea Market.
11. The Boulder Junction Lions do not discriminate on the basis of race, color, national origin, sex, age or disability.
12. The Boulder Junction Lions reserve the right to refuse admission to any vendor.                                                                                                                                              13. A violation of these rules may be grounds for immediate removal from the flea market.

14.The flea market staff reserves the right to make immediate rule changes as needed.    
15.Vendors' suggestions, questions and comments to Lions staff are welcome.  Your suggestions contribute to making this a successful Flea Market event.

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   1.  Tom Wierzba   715-686-7970  cell:  262-308-8990 Email:

   2. John T. Ader   715-385-0241 cell: 715-604-2062    Email:


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