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Meeting Summary - Feb. 26, 2019

  1.  We have been asked to help with two baseball game concessions in April. 
  2. The pancake supper is March 30.  Set-up is on Friday night.  We need volunteers to set up the main room and to pat out sausage.
  3. The club will raffle off a set of DeWalt cordless tools.
  4. There was a discussion on the Harris Scholarship.  It will be done by paper applications this year and maybe be done on our website next year.  Terry and Paul will work on this.
  5. John Glaab was in attendance and discussed the Christine Glabb Memorial Award.  He will present 3-$1000 awards to three graduating PCHS Seniors who are enrolled in a CTE program at PCHS.
  6. Jay Lockman will present a program at our next meeting.  Charlie Sheets will give a background of Lions International, especially for our newer members.

Meeting Summary - Feb. 12, 2019

  1. The club approved giving $500 to the robotics team at GBEMS to help them be able to attend and compete in the world competition.
  2. Workers are needed for the concession stand at the girls' basketball games on Feb. 20 and 22.
  3. The Annual Pancake Supper is March 30.  Will need workers for that and help to set up on Friday night.
  4. Annual club dues are $60 and should be paid to Rick as soon as possible.


Durbin Days - July 12-16, 2017

Durblin Lions Club hosts a concession stand during Durbin Days each year, featuring fried pork rinds that are freshly-fried on the premises, cold sodas, and other items.

New member Rudy Marrujo, President Suzanne Stewart, and head cook Donnie Waybright getting the day started with a fresh batch of pork skins.


Charlie Sheets, Bill Hevener, and Kay Wiley working on a very hot day.


Harold Crist, our oldest and hard working member.


President Suzanne Stewart holding up the prize of the day as new member Rudy Marrujo gets a good laugh.


PCHS Forestry Students Clear Brush From Slaven Cemetery

May 18, 2017

Durbin Lions are collaborating with the PCHS Forestry class to clear the John Slaven Cemetery in Frank, WV. 












PCHS Forestry students and their teacher, Scott Garber (2nd from left, above), cleared dense brush at the Slaven Cemetery in Frank on Thursday afternoon, May 18th.   Their efforts exposed 10 additional natural stone grave markers.  Mr. Garber's class will return to the site next year to continue this project sponsored by the Durbin Lions Club.

John Slaven, a Revolutionary War veteran, settled with his wife, Elizabeth Warwick, on the banks of the Greenbrier River near Durbin in 1790.

Slaven received 1500 acres for his Rev. War service, but by the time Pocahontas County was established in 1821, he owned thousands of acres on Cheat Mountain.  


Remembering Dick Reigel

Lion Dick Reigel, above right, receives this 50-year pin from Lion Charles Sheets. Dick joined the Durbin Lions Club in October, 1963.


Reo Speaks!

May 1, 2017 | by Reo

Woof! Woof!  Notice how much deeper my bark is now?  It’s deeper and louder than Durbin’s.  I bark when I hear someone at the door, a strange noise, and I make a little yappy bark when I’m bored, like at a Lion’s club meeting.  The last meeting didn’t last too long so I didn’t make much of a disturbance.












I just had another session with my puppy counselor and she said I was much more settled than I was a month ago and much better mannered.  I’m almost eleven months old now and feel more grown–up. The thing I have to stop doing is acting like a crazy clown when someone comes to the door of our house.  Durbin tells me to jump up and down and bark like he does but I don’t think I’m supposed to do that. Got to work on that.  It’s difficult when you look up to your big brother and think he must be right.

I was taken to a Lions Conference luncheon at Lake View and there were lots of people all around me and I was pretty good until they all wanted to pet me. I thought I was supposed to reciprocate with friendliness, so started licking and jumping up but puppy raiser Charles pulled me away and told me to sit still. I don’t understand why they can put their hands all over me but I can’t lick and jump on them.  Oh well,  guess I’ll never understand humans.  I was real good when everyone ate lunch because I could hide under the table and eat my treats and lick peanut butter…my favorite.

My puppy raisers are telling folks they know they are Puppy Raisers when:

  1. The pockets of all clothes have doggie treats in them, even ones in closets.
  2. A lint roller is in every room and every vehicle.
  3. Dog hair is still all over clothes.
  4. All fleece jackets and vests should be thrown away.
  5. A plastic bag for doggie cleanup is in all pockets.
  6. They have to go through a barrier gate to get to another room.
  7. All pairs of socks have one good sock and one with a hole chewed in it.
  8. All shoe strings are chewed off.
  9. An earring is missing which is probably in poop somewhere.
  10. A dusty paw print is on the back of  shirt.
  11. Can only find one shoe.

I will see my puppy counselor May 10 and then be tested on June 3.  I think I will be taken back to Leader Dog in Rochester Hills, MI, on June 15.  I will see lots of other dogs there but will miss my puppy raisers and Durbin.  I will be very busy and probably get used to new surroundings quickly.  I hope I do not get homesick.

Durbin Lions Clean Up Arbovale Cemetery

April 5, 2017

Several Lions gathered at the Arbovale Cemetery on Wednesday, April 5th to clean up the grounds prior to the start of the mowing season. Here a selected photos of that afternoon. 



GBEM School Gets New Tables

March 13, 2017

The LIONS motto, “WHERE THERE’S A NEED THERE’S A LION” was once again met by the Durbin Lions Club for the Green Bank Elementary Middle School in Green Bank, WV.  The school has been using old wooden folding tables for special events.  The old tables were heavy to carry back and forth from the storage building, and had holes in them as well as splinters and snags.  Lion Linda Stewart approached Mr. Sharp, the principal, asking if the school had a need in which the Lions might help.  He didn’t hesitate to say they needed new six-foot folding tables. At the next Lions meeting the Durbin Lions agreed to purchase 20 new folding tables for the school. The tables were delivered on March 10th.  The principal and teachers were very appreciative and are anxiously awaiting the next special occasion at the school to use them.  THANK YOU, DURBIN LIONS!

Some middle school students helped unload and place the tables in the storage building.  Durbin Lions who helped were (L to R) Carolyn Sheets, JP Alonso, Linda Stewart, Bob Sheets, Rick Wooddell and (not pictured) Charles Sheets. On the far right is Mr. Sharp, the school’s principal.


Club Welcomes Two New Members In February

February 28, 2017

At the February 28, 2017, meeting of the Durbin Lions Club, new members Rudy Marrujo and Janice Cozart received their membership kit and Lions pins from President, Lion Bob Sheets.  Lion Rick Wooddell, treasurer, was their sponsor and is holding the certificates of sponsorship.


70th Anniversary Celebrated
Durbin Lions celebrated their 70th anniversary Saturday evening, Oct. 22, 2016, with a banquet at the Dunmore Community Building. 



Sheets visit Alum Creek Lions Club
By Lion Carolyn Sheets
May 16, 2016


Lion Sheets receives Int'l President's Award
By Suzanne Stewart, Wed, Apr 13th, 2016

Read full story… in The Pocahontas Times.


February 23, 2016 Meeting



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