Clear Vision and Community Support from Gananoque Lions Club
Article in the Kingston Whig Standard

                                      UPCOMING COMMUNITY EVENTS

                 Gananoque Lions Club's 80th Charter Celebration - May 4, 2019

                                 Annual Lions Club Car Show - June 8, 2019
                     1000 Island Rotary and Lions Ribfest -  June 28, 29 and 30th.


In a Nutshell
The Gananoque Lions Club strives to have interesting and informative speakers at our dinner meetings.  We have had speakers from other Charitable Associations, other Lions Clubs, Doctors, Artists, Authors, speakers from other clubs such as the Rotary (Exchange Student representative to Central America) who we supported financially, Environmental Speakers, Town Leaders, District Leaders to mention a few.  Many of these speakers promote our community events and activities.



President Paul Robertson
Past President Sue Tunnicliffe
1st Vice-President Paul Tierney
2nd Vice-President Brian Tunnicliffe
3rd Vice-President Leanne Crawford

Abrams, Dick Nancy 382-2570
Arney, Patricia 484-5101
Brooks, Brian Linda 382-2385
Charboneau, Doug Brenda 382-7342 449-1367
Charles, David Joan 463-9406 989-488-3177
Clark, Bruce Lianne 382-5190 382-5190
Clark-Fielding, Shirley Vern 382-1385
Cleveland, Sandy 900-7274
Cliffe, Richard Annastasia 382-2474 382-1215
Code, Alan Pam 647-297-3442
Covell, Wayne Vicki 542-0698 561-2717
Crawford Leanne** 453-7182
Delaney, Dianne 382-1001 572-4846
De Wolfe, Colleen Frank 382-1897
Donaldson, Debbie Stephen 382-1399 453-4190
Donaldson, Stephen Debbie 382-1399 531-1399
Fergusson, Angus Tammy 328-7766 985-4271
Fleming, Rick Esther 382-4271
French, Cal** Hilda 382-1417
Funnell, George 382-4256
Gollogly, Rodger Susan 382-7038
Hampton, John Flora 659-3190
Janke, Rob Carol 382-3914
Jones, Bryan Cheryl 382-3723
Logie, Bruce Carole 382-8902
Macauley, Larry Vickie 382-8129
MacCormack, Bruce Esther 382-3280
MacLeod, John Marion 382-7381 540-1175
Marquardt, Chuck** Eleanor 382-7990
Marshall, Patti Jason 387-2706
McMillan, Larry Mary 583-5674
Millar, Don Naomi 659-3866
Nelligan, Mark Eyre 382-9804
Purkin Bien, Eyre Mark 382-9804
Peter, John Anita (An) 382-1698 329-2566
Robertson, Paul** Ruth 340-1123
Sharman, Don Barb 382-5040
Scott, Paul Carolyn 382-4386
Tierney, Paul Joyce 532-4158 382-3461
Tompkins, David Shannon 382-3748 382-3088
Tunnicliffe, Sue Brian 382-3308 876-5453
Tunnicliffe, Brian Susan 382-3308 888-3467
Werthman, Fred Gillian 382-2485
Wilson, Doug Susan 382-7042 382-2417
Wood, Derryl Denise 876-7242

Our 80th Year of Service – 1939 to 2019
Meeting Location: The Gananoque Curling Club, 300 William St. S., Gananoque, ON 613-382-3281
1st and 3rd Thursday of the Month

Committees: Pres. Paul Robertson
1st Vice President—Paul Tierney
(Finance, Community Support, Publicity)
Dick Abrams, Alan Code, Dianne Delaney, Stephen Donaldson, George Funnell, Bruce Logie, John MacLeod, Chuck Marquardt, Larry Macauley, Don Miller,
2nd Vice President—Brian Tunnicliffe
(Fundraising, Community Projects, Mem-bership)
 Doug Charboneau, Bruce Clark, Richard Cliffe, Debbie Donaldson, Cal French, Roger Gollogly, Rob Janke, Patti Marshall, Bruce MacCormack, Mark Nelligan,
3rd Vice President—Leanne Crawford
(Attendance, Club Programs, Club Events)
Patricia Arney, Wayne Covell, Leanne Crawford, Colleen de-Wolfe, Angus Fergusson, Rick Fleming, Bryan Jones, Eyre Pur-kin-Bien, Fred Werthman, Doug Wilson, Derryl Wood
Past Presidents Committee
Sue Tunnicliffe,Doug Wilson Doug Charboneau, Brian Brooks, Dave Charles, Shirley Clark-Fielding,
Protocol Chairs: John Hampton, S.Clark-Fielding
Secretary Paul Scott
Treasurer Shirley Clark Fielding
Tail Twister Don Millar
Lion Tamer Don Sharman

Directors Shirley Clark-Fielding, Don Millar, Dianne Delaney,

Past President: Susan Tunnicliffe 301 Clark Dr., Gananoque, ON K7G 2V5
Secretary: Paul Scott, 600 Queen St., Gananoque, ON K7G 2B2
Bulletin Editor: Rick Fleming, 50 Garfield St., Gananoque, ON K7G 3G2
Web Master: Sue Tunnicliffe, 301 Clark Drive, Gananoque, ON K7G 2V5

District & Zone Officers
District A 4:

District Governor David Howard (Colleen)
1st Vice Governor Beth Lewis (Robert)
Region 30 Chair Derryl Wood (Denise)
Zone 30 South G.A.C. Susan Tunnnicliffe

APR. 12 - 14th, 2019 A4 CONVENTION, CORNWALL
MAY 4, 2018 CHARTER NIGHT Glen House Resort, Prkwy Gananoque
JUNE 8, 2019 CAR SHOW (featuring old and new and you, too!)
JUNE  28, 29, 30th 2019, RIB FEST






































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