The Lions Club will be providing TURKEY for the Thanksgiving Dinner for members and guests.  Please RSVP to so we will know how many turkeys to prepare!

Guests are asked to bring a side dish or dessert if you can.

Doors open at 3:00 PM --Dinner will be at 4:00 PM

Other dishes that we know about so far are listed below. If you want to add what you are bringing to the list please email and it will be posted here for you!  (Posting your dish isn't required - it's just fun to know and helps  prevent duplication.)
RSVP's as of 11/26/2014 8:45 am -36 (Possibly 40)
Stuffing  (LT)
Stuffing / Gravy (LL)
Cranberry Sauce (DN & LL)
Mashed Potatoes (AB)
Salad (LL)
Noodle Salad (Guest)
Cucumber Onion Salad (Guest)
Beet/Carrot Salad (MD)
Crab Soup (Guest)
Yeast Rolls (DN)
Carrots (SG)
Sweet Potato (SG)
Sweet Potato Casserole (AE)
Creamed Corn (DN)
Green Beans (SD)
Green Bean Casserole (SG)
Scalloped Potatoes (SG)
Sauerkraut (LT)
Cranberry Apple Bake (SD)
Baked Spiced Apples (CF)
Coconut Pie (SD)
Pumpkin Pie (B)
Pumpkin Pie (SG)
Sweet Potato Pie (DN)
Apple Pie  (LT)
Chocolate Pudding Pie


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