Officers and Directors

Members Ready For Action !

Here's the Team 2016 - 2017

President, Doug Ramezane                         
Steve Nutting, 1st VP                                              
Kevin Johnson, 2nd VP
Dennis Gerber, 3rd VP
Immediate Past president, Jose Rodriguez

Tim Musselman, Secretary                       
John Lochner, Treasurer
Paul Grabeel, Lion Tamer
Jan Morris, Tail Twister
Mary Ellen Graham, 1 Year directors
Dennis Shrader
Carla Nespole

Shannon Impey, 2 Year directors 
Pat Mahoney
Connie Diesner

Clyde Nunes,  3 Year Directors
Morgan Lopez
Jim Barth                                         

Branch Club 
Kathleen Meade, Branch President
Nancy Musselman, Secretary
Mike Moresco, Liaison

Leo Club
Carla Nespole, Lions Club advisor

Committees are where it happens!
It takes many hands and hearts.  Whatever your interest is, or the skills you can contribute, and what you may want to learn, you can find a way to help in one or more of the 34 standing committees of the Los Gatos Lions.  Club activities are organized and implemented through a committee structure.  This is the best way for members to get involved, meet wonderful new friends, and make their membership meaningful by giving.  For more information and a complete list of the Lions standing committees see the Lions Committee Hand Book.

At the beginning of each year, the incoming President asks the members to indicate their preferences in how they want to serve. Each committee serves as a very vital component to the structure and the strength of the club.  No matter what your time constraints can make a difference.

Stay tuned! - more information coming soon on all the committees.

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