Club Officers: LY 2018 - 2019

President - Paul Lacuesta

Immediate Past President - Jorge Balares

Vice President - Daughlet Ordinario

Secretary - Luz Galindez

Treasurer - Victor Balares

Membership Director - 

LCI Coordinator - 

Lion Tamer - Jay Ruiz, Jr.

Tail Twister - June Balares

2 Year Board of Directors

   Jorge Balares & Romy Ordinario

1 Year Board of Directors

   PDG Art Arboleda &Linda Arboleda


2017 - 2019 Committees & Chairs

Constitution & By-laws - Lions Luz Galindez, Jay Ruiz, Sr. & Art Arboleda

Leadership Development - PCT Jay Ruiz, Sr.

Membership - PDG Art Arboleda

Fundraising - 

Finance - Lions Jay Ruiz, Jr, Balou Lansangan & Jorge Balares

Envronmental (Tree Planting) - Lions Romy & Daughlet Ordinario


District 4-L6 Officers 2018 - 2019

District Website

District Governor - Mercy Walters

Immediate Past District Governor - Neil Seefeldt, Jr.

1st VDG  -  Bill Browning, Jr.

2nd VDG - Brian Clapper

Cabinet Secretary - Garry Jones

Cabinet Treasurer - Joanne Burke

Assistant Secretary - Tobi Gary

Lion Tamer - Felix Mallorca & Renato Solomon

Tail Twisters - Elsa Siverts

Global Action Team (GAT), more on GAT - click here

   Global Leadership Team Coordinator - PCT Jay Ruiz, Sr.

   Global Memebership Team Coordinator - PDG Art Arboleda

   Global Service Team Coordinator - Paul Walters

   LCIF Coordinator - PDG Scott Leslie

South Bay Region Chair - Rose San Pedro

Sweetwater Zone Chair - Guadalupe Ignacio


Multiple District Four 2017 - 2018

MD-4 Website

Council Chair - Robert Stewart

Immediate Past Council Chair - Rob Manning

Secretary - David Hubbard

Treasurer - Calvin Zehnder

Office Manager - Cass Cara


MD-4 Dues - $29/mmember/year, billed 1/2 in August and 1/2 in February

Student members of Campus Club has no MD-4 Dues.  Regular Member, Family Member, and  Life Member of a regular club all pays the regular $29/member/year dues.

Student member, pay $0 to MD-4, $11/year to 4-L6, & $21.50/year to LCI.  No one time fee as charter member of a new club.

Student Speakers Contest - 2017 - 2018, more info click here

Topic - "Integrity & Civility Play What Role in Today's Society"

Handbook, click here


Lions Clubs International Officers 2018 - 2019

LCI Website

President - Gudrun Yngvadottir

Immediate Past President - Dr. Naresh Aggarwal

1st Vice President - Jung-Yul Choi

2nd Vice President - Judge Haynes Townsend

3rd Vice President - Brian Sheehan

First & Second Year Directors - click here


LCI dues is $43/member/year except for family member (main pays the regular $43 and other family member living in the same address only pays 1/2 of $43 (up to 4).  Billed 1/2 in January and the other 1/2 in July.  One time fee is $35 for new member of a newly chartered club ($20 for transfers), $35/member when joining an existing club.

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