District 4-L6

District 4-L6 Website, click here

Future District 4-L6 Convention

May 2 to 4, 2014 - Hilton Garden Inn in Yuma, AZ

May 1 to 3, 2015 - Hilton Garden Inn in Yuma, AZ


Multiple District 4

MD-4 Website, click here

Future MD-4 Conventions

2014   Riverside, CA  Feb. 14 - Feb 16

2015   Visalia, CA  Feb. 20 - Feb. 22


MD-4 has 15 Sub Districts:  Sub-Districts and their respective Websites

4-C14-C2,  4-C34-C44-C5  &  4-C6

4-A14-A2  &  4-A3

4-L14-L24-L3,  4-L44-L5 4-L6


Lions Clubs International

LCI Website, Click here

Future International Conventions

2013    July 5 - 9, Hamburg, Germany

     Convention Registration & Hotel Reservation Form, click here

     Hamburg - Centrally located in the heart of Europe, the Free and Hanseatic City of Hamburg is one of Europe's hallmark ports. Internationally known as a bustling commercial and industrial metropolis, the magical aura of faraway places is still alive in the historic Speicherstadt warehouse quarter and network of quaint canals and waterways crisscrossing the city. The outstanding facilities provided by the Hamburg Messe und Congress GmbH, along with a wide range of cosmopolitan restaurants, cultural attractions, and shopping malls full of international flair make the "Gateway to the World" a perfect setting.

2014    July 4 - 8, Toronto, Canada

2015    June 26 - 30, Honolulu, Hawaii

2016    June 24 - 28, Fukuoka, Japan

2017    June 30 - July 4, Chicago, Illinois

2018    Las Vegas, Nevada


There are 7 Constitutional Areas

Area I - USA, Affiliates, Bermuda and the Bahamas

Area II - Canada

Area III - South America, Central America, Mexico & Islands of the Caribbean Sea

Area IV - Europe

Area V - OSEAL - Orient and Southeast Asia

Area VI - ISAAME - India, South Asia, Africa & the Middle East

Area VII - Australia, New Zealand, Papua New Guinea, Indonesia & Islands of the Pacific Ocean




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Important Links & PDF Files

2012-2013 International President's Program Brochure

30 Marketing Ideas

Best Practices for Inviting New Members

Best Practices for Inviting New Members, other

Certificate of Insurance

Certified Guiding Lion Program DA-CGL1 11/10

Club Election Guidelines

Club Locator

Club Membership Chairperson's Guide, ME44

Club Officer Ethical Standards & Conduct

Club Officers Manual 2012-2013

Club Organizational Chart

Club Twinning Guidelines & Form

Contributing Membership Form

Contributing Membership Program, About

District 4-L6 Website

District Organizational Chart

Family Membership

Hosting and Protocol Guide

Induct New Member


LCIF Donation Recognition Program

Lions Clubs International Foundation

Lions Clubs International Foundation - Grants

Lions Clubs International Supply Store

Lions Clubs International

Lions Quest

Making Vision a Health Priority

Melvin Jones Fellowship Application

Member Orientation Guide ME-13

Membership Application (New)

Membership Key Awards

Multiple District 4 Website

Submit Reports/MMR

Twinning Infor:

      Guidelines, click here

      Sample Twinning Agreement, click here

      Sample Club Resolution, click here

USA/Canada Lions Forum

Videos - Association

Videos - Foundation

Youth Exchange Program




1.  Guide to New Club Formation, click here

2.  Charter Application, click here

3.  Instructions to Complete Charter App, click here

4.   Report of Charter Members, click here

5.  Charter Member Application, click here

6.  Family Unit Certification Form, click here

7.  Student Member Certification Form, click here

8.  Charter Member Transfer Form, click here

9.  Charter Application Checklist, click here


Here are valuable tools to assist new club officers:

1.  Club Officers Team Manual, click here

2.  New Member Orientation Guide, click here

3.  Lions Club Constitution & By-laws, click here

4.  Club Membership Chairperson's Manual, click here

5.  Membership Application, click here

6.  New Member Induction Ceremonies, click here

7.  Club Supply Store, click here

8.  Community Needs Assessment, click here



100% Attendance:  If you miss any of our club meetings you can make up by attending any Zone meetings, Region meetings, District events, Committee meetings, or any other club meetings or activities.  Make this report to our club Secretary to credit your attendance.


There are Lions Clubs in these 207 Countries & Geographic Areas



2013 - 2014 International President's Theme

International President BARRY J. PALMER

HIGHLIGHTS OF HIS 2013 -2014 THEME, click here

LCI Presidential Theme 2013 - 2014

Part 1 - Pages 1 to 3

Part 2 - Pages 4 to 6

Part 3 - Pages 7 to 9

Part 4 - Pages 10 to 12

Part 5 - Pages 13 to 16

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