OFFICERS •  serve one year terms •

Tim Jacobs - President - 255-3136

Vacant – Immediate Past President - 251-2436

Ann Hill – Treasurer - 252-4309 

Ann Hill - Secretary - 605-232-4660 – h

Brenda Brown -  233-4519

Lee Chamberlain – Tail Twister - 212-6109 

DIRECTORS • serve two-year terms • or until succesor has been elected or qualified

Lillian Brodkey – July 1, 2013 — June 30, 2015

Sue Griffith – July 1, 2013 — June 30, 2015

Ken Hayward - July 1, 2014 — June 30, 2016

Brian Owens –July 1, 2014 - June 30, 2016 — Membership Director

(Membership Director – is also Membership Committee Chair)

MEMBERSHIP COMMITTEE • elected to serve three-year terms on rotation basis.

Sheryl Ford, retention & leadership – July 1, 2013 — June 30, 2016

Cindy Rarratt, membership ­– July 1, 2014 — June, 30, 2017

Brian Owens – Chair & extension – July 1, 2014 — June 30, 2017

TRUSTS INVESTMENT COMMITEE Three elected positions serve only two three-year terms •

                                   Tim Jacobs          - president as / Trust’s policy

                                    Sheryl Ford         - past president as / Trust’s policy

                                    Tom Prout           - 2012-2015 second 3-year term

                                    Ann Hill               - 2014-2017 – second 3-year term

                                    Paula Damon      - 2014-2017 first 3-year term

                                    Secretary appointed at 1st meet of year.

                                    Treasurer appointed 1st meet of yr/need not be Lion     

2015- 2016 SC LIONS COMMITTEES - Chairs are in Bold  

Chairs should cross-train/apprentice future committee roles*

ADMINISTRATIVE/OPERATIONS COMMITTEES President(s) Appoint & Monitor These Committees.                 Each commitee, through it's chair, should be encouraged to report to board each month.

AWARDS (Yearly) Citizen of Yr., Lion of Yr., IALF Warren Coleman($1000), ILF Melvin Jones($1000) one every third year as we donate $333.33/yr. Board/Presidents1.Plan/communicate when/how members nominate, endorse, vote for award recipients, 2. Prepare/order plaques to be ready for the presentation. 3. Set the presentation date (on same date as inauguration of officers, etc.?) 4. Insure the recipients will be present for recipient of their award.

ELECTIONS/NOMINATIONS: (Chair Vacant), Tim Jacobs, Ron Will 


             Finance - Melvin Forsling, Ann Hill, Gene Sherman        


            Mints - Lee Chamberlain, Brenda Brown.

            Pancake Days L. Chamberlain & other orgnaized by Lee to complete tasks 

            Raffles - Chair is vacant,  Ken Hayward, Gene Sherman

GOALS: – (President/Past Presidents) Tim Jacobs, Sheryl Ford, Marie Rundquist and Club Secretary

MEMBERSHIP: Brian Owens, Cindy Rarratt, Sheryl Ford.


            Handbook: Ann Hill w. Board

            Programs - Brian Owens, Mel Claussen, Gene Sherman, Ron Will

            Public Relations - Paula Damon, Danny Bradley

            Social/Culture  - Brenda Brown, Mel Claussen, Tom Prout, Gene Sherman

            SCLC Website - Larry Benne & Other Volunteers                                                                                                                                                                        


CHARITY GRANTS: Ann Hill, Larry Benne, Lee Chamberlain,  Sheryl Ford, Tim Jacobs, 

HEARING: – Lee Chamberlain, Ann Hill


SIGHT -Beane Trust only used for glasses for needy – other sight needs by Charity Trust

  • Other Sight Needs – Lee Chamberlain
  •  Eye Exams/Glasses for Needy – Ann Hill, Larry Benne, Melvin Forsling, Bob Sensanbaugh
  • IOWA KidSight Tim Jacobs,Dorothy Miller, Keith Miller, Brian Owens, Maria Rundquist
  • Recycle Used Eye Glasses & Hearing Aids – Timothy Jacobs, Gene Sherman


 Project PROM– Brenda Brown, Heather Marx, Dorothy Miller, Kim Willer     

Scholarships: - Robert Agee, Melvin Forsling, Tom Prout

* Presidents with Board approval nominate Standing Comittees by March 15 and are responsible for monitoring them.  Task committees may be appointed by the Board to accomplish immediate or short term needs. Elections for the new year should be completed by April 15 .



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