Message from our Club President 

First, I would like to thank all the Angus Glen Lions Club members for giving me the opportunity to serve as the Club President again this year. Your confidence and trust in me are very much appreciated. It also motivates me to do as much as I am able for the club, as well as for our community.

Last year, our key goal was to build a strong foundation that would enable the club to be successful in the many years to come. With the great effort and excellent team work from all the club members, we met, if not exceeded, all of our goals.  Furthermore, we had lots of fun!

This year, I would like to keep up with the momentum that we have built to continue serving the community.  Areas of interest include people struggling with mental health, youth with developmental disabilities, and kids in need of shelter. In addition, let us challenge ourselves with two new tasks. The first is to raise funds to support our on-going service projects. The second is to recruit more members to the club. I am a believer in serving the community. I am also a believer that the more, the merrier.

If you are interested in joining us to serve the community and having fun in the process, we can be reached at:

More information about Angus Glen Lions Club is available in our Facebook page:

Thank You

Lion Kelvin Yeung

President, Angus Glen Lions Club, 2017-2018

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