A Chinese New Year Celebration 2018

Hosted by Spirit of Life (SOL) in collaboration with Angus Glen Lions Club

Spirit of Life (SOL) is no new partner of ours, in fact, we have been collaborating at several of their events since our inception.  This is the 2nd time that we assisted in the running of activities in this event.

The purpose of this event is to organize a fun party for the members and families of SOL to celebrate this Chinese New Year -  Year of the Dog on February 25, 2018 at All Saints Church in Markham. AGLC is responsible for the game booths and the food serving table.

Success is when…

The simplest of games kicks up the greatest of fun,

A most generous of spirts serves up a most genuine of joy…

Bravo to the event’s Committee:-

Tim Cheung, Patty Ko, Gloria Chan, Eric Chan, Phyllas Cheng, Jackie Hon, Keith Au, Irene Au, Magdelane Lau, Victor Lau


Angus Glen Lions collecting eyeglasses for recycling purpose

In support to our District A-16 eyeglasses recycling program, Angus Glen Lions started to collect used eyeglasses for recycling.  Here are 52 pairs we collected this month.  If you have used eyeglasses that you want to give away, contact us.


Angus Glen Lions serving BBQ dinner at the Summer Camping Retreat of Spirit of Life

Spirit of Life is a charitable organization that helps “build bridges” between individuals with developmental disabilities, or special needs, and their families, with service providers and the broader community.  This Summer Camping Retreat provided members and their families an opportunity to spend a weekend camping, bbq-ing, socializing and having family fun. It was held at the Willowgrove Campground on August 26, 2017.  

We were proud to be a partner with them to help with food preparation for the BBQ dinner, and setting up tents where necessary. There were 17 families with many volunteers participating. 
By participating in the event, we all learnt to value differences and build inclusiveness in various communities within our society.

Lions Magdelane and Margaret prepping foods like in their own kitchens – 
with joy and pride; and double that for a good cause!

Lions Keith and Kelvin - Burgers K & K, hip hip and hooray!

The team proudly served the BBQ dinner made with lots of TLC! 
(L-to-R: Lions Keith Yeung, Magdelane Lau, Margaret Yuen, Kelvin Yeung, and his wife Monica)


Easter Dinner at 360Kids Drop-In Centre

On April 15, 2017 over the Easter weekend, our Club collaborated with 360Kids in providing a fun-filled afternoon by serving a festive and satisfying meal to the clients of the centre. It was an interactive opportunities among themselves with staff and volunteers.

Snapd Richmond Hill was there to take pictures and reported on the event. See the following link for the reporting:

We would like to thank Lion Eddy Pang, Markham Lions Club, MSI Gaming, and Vision Youth Leadership Program for their support in donating prizes and games for the event. 

A-16 Effective Speaking Contest

Our Club is excited to have the opportunity to collaborate with the Speaking Club of Markville Secondary School for the A-16 Effective Speaking Contest.  

We sponsored four students from the school to speak in the Intermediate and Senior Divisions of French and English catagories at the Contest on March 25th, 2017 in Newmarket.  

Our Senior and Intermediate French speakers were both placed 2nd in their respective catagories, our Senior English speaker was placed 3rd in his catagory, and the Intermediate English speaker received his certificate of merit.

Congratulations to the speakers!

Charter Night celebration on November 12, 2016!

We are so thankful of the support we received from our families, friends, and Lions and Lioness at our Charter Night on November 12, 2016. 

Here is a video of the evening. Please click here to view the video.

or copy and paste the following URL to your browser:

Happy Viewing !



BADMINTON DAY - our 1st Club Service Project !

On Thanksgiving Monday, October 10, 2016, our Club’s very First and Official event – Badminton Day - took place in an enjoyable and pleasant environment. It was recreational badminton organized for the Consumers and their Families/Caregivers of Hong Fook Mental Health Association, Family Support Group .

We may not all understand mental health issues, but we can certainly appreciate that a social event with some fun and physical activities can be beneficial to anyone – physically, mentally and socially. We may not all comprehend the extent to which families/caregivers have to sacrifice and endure, but we may be able to help relieve some of that pressure by providing an event like this – friendly and interactive, healthy and entertaining, all of which promotes an atmosphere for sharing and communicating, support and wellness.

The idea for this event came about during the early stage of our Club’s formation, and thanks to the efficiency of the organizing committee, it was processed in time just as our Club’s charter application was approved. There could not be a better timing to celebrate the start of something new and meaningful. 

We had invited a coach who led us through some warm up exercises; we had the help of his assistants who demonstrated some skills that were deemed ‘basic’, but which caroused more oohs and ahhs; it aroused such energies that our guests and Lions gladly took turns at the courts and the shots with aspiration!

Needless to say, it was a successful event, not only just for the fun of it, but that a simple, timeless, recreational and social activity as such, that brought out and involved both consumers and their families was very much needed in their journey to recovery.

And what is more appropriate, than to Give to those who need and to Thank to those who love, on this Thanks-Giving Day of all time!

Badminton Organizing Team:-

Committee Chairperson: Lion Margaret Yuen

Committee members: Lions Alan Ng, Allan Tam, Charles Djeu, Christine Leung, Magdelane Lau, Patty Ko, Phyllas Cheng, Tim Cheung, Victor Lau.


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