Hello Ann Arbor Host Lions and Friends,

I hope you all had a Happy Halloween and are enjoying the return of Big 10 Football!  As we transition into the holiday season and spend more time with family despite the increase in COVID cases in Michigan and the Ann Arbor area.  Identifying people in need and giving during this season is so important.  We continue to plan out the year of virtual meetings, service and pivoting our priorities to better suit the fluctuating environment around us.  Let’s go!


The November General Membership meeting will take place on Wednesday, November 4 at 12(noon).  We have a big meeting this month, I am working on getting our District Governor David Anderson to talk with us.  We will also have 2 more presentations by Kelly Lubbe and Alex Teska.  Invite a friend to the Membership meeting, we welcome any new potential members! (Meeting information will be sent out in a separate email along with the agenda). 


We also have a Board meeting on Tuesday, November 3 at 4:30pm.  Anyone is welcome at our Board meetings!  If you want to join our Board meeting you can send an email to  I’ll email you the Zoom information. 



October Recap:

October Presentation from Alexa Wutt from Peace Neighborhood Center where we learned about their “Thanks for Giving” dinner.  This year it will be virtual on November 19.  There are more ways to help PNC out.  Check out their website for more details.

JDRF Virtual/In-Person One Walk:

We raised $240 out of our $250 goal for the JDRF walk via Facebook Fundraising! 

The walk was virtual, did anyone participate?


Virtual Happy Hour/Fireside Chat took place on Tuesday, October 13 at 5pm.  This was a great way to get to know your President and Board members more personally.  We feel more socially isolated lately and want that more personal connection.  We also want to connect with you, our members, because you help drive our projects and service!


Next Virtual Happy Hour/Fireside Chat is scheduled for Tuesday, November 10 at 5pm.  Stay tuned for Zoom information! 


The Fall Conference and Parade of Checks happened virtually this year on October 17.  We donated a decent amount this year to organizations supported in the past and by the Lions.


Our new amendment to our club bylaws about a talking time limit to help keep meetings on topic and on time has passed with a 90.5% support.  All of our members will receive an updated copy for the Constitution and Bylaws upon addition of the amendment. 


The first Football Pool is in the books for the University of Michigan vs. Michigan State Football Game.  It was a struggle to watch but was a well fought match.  There are still spots left for the next 3 games.  Michigan vs. Wisconsin, Michigan vs. Penn State and Michigan vs. Ohio State.  Anyone interested in purchasing those spaces email Richard Westbury. 

November News:

We are hopeful to have a district update from our District Governor and other members to learn how they are pivoting during the COVID pandemic at our Membership meeting on Wednesday, November 4 at 12(noon).


Virtual Fireside Chat:

Ever wondered what your club’s President does in his downtime?  Join us for a Virtual Happy Hour on Tuesday, November 10 at 5pm on Zoom.  We want to connect more closely to our members and get to know you better!  Email for Zoom information! 


Virtual Wine Tasting with Eversight and The Lions:

This event sign up overwhelmed the Hickory Creek Winery, which was so cool, but somewhat problematic since Eversight couldn’t reach their goal of 200 wine kits.  If you don’t know a lot about wine, this time of year is harvest season for the vineyards.  This event will take place on Thursday, November 12 at 7PM.  If you want to learn more about wine, in my free time I write about Michigan Wine and Wineries at


Thanksgiving Baskets Partnership with the AACIL:

We have partnered with the AACIL again to give out 15 Thanksgiving Food Baskets this year.  Last year we gave out 12.  This year we had every item vouched for in about a week!  What a commitment everyone!  This year looks somewhat different, but there are still people in need.  With our partnership with the AACIL we are going to coordinate pickups from the AACIL or deliveries from Lions and AACIL staff on both November 19 and November 20.  This way we can document the reactions of the consumers and families we serve! 

Please remember to get your basket items to Carol Downton no later than November 13 for assembly. 


Nuts and Fruit:

As far as I am aware, we will still be selling fresh fruit from Frog Holler and Nuts from Koeze.  When I have more information, I’ll send it out!


Have a great month!


President Lion Mark Hymes


Ann Arbor Host Lions Website:

Ann Arbor Host Lions Facebook:


Upcoming Events Calendar: 

November:  LCI Diabetes Awareness Month
Club Project: Thanksgiving Basket Assembly/Donation to AACIL
·       Nov. 3- Board Meeting (Virtual)- 4:30PM-6PM
·       Nov. 4- General Membership/Program Meeting- District Update (Virtual)- 12:00PM-1:00PM 
·       Nov. 7- Lions of Michigan's Leadership 9AM-12:30PM
·       Nov. 10- Fireside Chat/Happy Hour 5PM-6PM
·       Nov. 12- Eversight and Hickory Creek Winery, Virtual Wine Tasting 7PM
·       Nov. 13- Deadline to get your Thanksgiving Supplies to Carol for assembly.
·       Nov. 14- World Diabetes Day
·       Nov. 17- APM 4:30PM-6PM
·       Nov. TBD- Diuble Family Vision Foundation Annual Benefit Dinner & Auction (Virtual) 6PM-11PM
·       Nov. 19- 6PM-8:30PM Peace Neighborhood Center Thanks for Giving Benefit Dinner (Virtual)
·       Nov. 19 & 20- Thanksgiving Basket Pick up/Delivery for AACIL consumers and families. 
December 2020:
Club Project: Snack Packages for Veterans
·       Dec. 1- Board Meeting, Virtual 4:30PM-6PM
·       Dec. 2- Membership Meeting, Program from Rep. Yousef Rabbi 12PM-1PM.
·       Dec. 15- APM 4:30PM-6PM
·       Dec. 25- Christmas
·       Dec. 31- New Year’s Eve

Terri Lynn Nuts Online Ordering:  With all of our other fundraisers on hold this one is even more important than ever. The nuts and snack mixes are great and it is delivered! This online account makes ordering easy for members, and your friends and family.  The Ann Arbor Host earns a $3 profit on every item you order.  Orders from Terri Lynn Nuts are mailed directly to you and you can place orders all year around!  Use the link to place your order today.


Did you know...You can join the Ann Arbor Host Lions Club on Facebook for the most current projects, events and workshops. 

Did you know...Last school year Ann Arbor area Lions and their friends provided vision screenings for 516 Ann Arbor area pre-school children. This year we would like to screen 550 pre-school children.  If you know a pre-school program that would like to have the Ann Arbor Host Lions screen their children, please contact us.

Did you know...Last year the Ann Arbor area Lions purchased 84 pairs of eyeglasses for adults and 10 pairs of eyeglasses for children.  The Ann Arbor area Lions Clubs also provided a pair of hearing aides to a senior citizen.

Did you know...Last year the Ann Arbor area clubs collected and sent to be reused at two centers that sanitized, repair eyeglasses, reading glasses and sun glasses.

Did you know...Last year the Ann Arbor Host Lions collect 24 pairs of used hearing aids that were sent to be dismantled, sanitized, rebuilt and made available to those in need.

Did you know...You can, even, put broken eyeglasses of any kind into the Lions recycle boxes along with hearing aids.

Did you know...You can find locations to drop off your eyeglasses and hearing aids by choosing the Recycling Eyeglasses and Hearing Aid Drop Off Locations from the menu at the left.




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