October 2019 Newsletter:-President Amy Shepherd & Board Member Mark Hymes

Happy Fall, Ann Arbor Host Lions!

Thank you to everyone who attended our September semi-annual Membership Business

Meeting. I know it is always a long one packed with information about projects and upcoming

events. Please join in welcoming our new members to the club! Oh and of course, last but not

least, you guessed it! This is Mark writing the Newsletter! Taking over while Amy is away in the

wilderness enjoying some adventure time!

Membership & Board Meeting:

October Membership Meeting: Wednesday, October 2, Noon-1:00pm at the NEW Eversight

building. Address: 3985 Research Park Dr. Ann Arbor, MI. Lunch will be catered by Panera

Bread Company. Please arrive a few minutes early to get settled. As many of you know the

Quarter Bistro restaurant is going out of business. They are closing their doors at the end of

September. Our board of directors is working on finding a new venue for our monthly

meetings. Stay tuned!

LUNCH RSVP: Please RSVP to Carol Downton if you plan to attend the Membership meeting.

She needs numbers in order lunch from Panera.

Program: Club “Pride of Lions” Discussion

Membership Meeting Agenda is attached.

October Board Meeting: Wednesday, October 2, 1:15-2:30pm at Eversight . Our board

meetings are always open to all members. We welcome you to join us for all or any part of the


Recap of September Club Projects and Events

Sept 12: Tour of Eversight:

The Eversight Tour was great! Lion Dave Bosch, CEO of Eversight, gave us a warm welcome.

Lion Alex gave us a wonderful tour of the spacious and beautiful new facility. We have our

choice of several rooms in which to hold our monthly meetings and Board meetings. Two

Eversight employees were inducted by DG Mike Scott--Lions Amanda and Teresa. Happiness

and Celebration abound! Lion Alex said that there would be plenty of room to display our Lions

history boards (7 trifold boards of newspaper-documented history) as well as our awards

banner and awards in general (plaques, etc.)

Sept 15: JDRF One Walk for Diabetes-Hudson Hill Metro Park: 2VP Linda Evens:

It was a beautiful day for a walk! We raised $160 and had 3 people in attendance! Physical

walkers, virtual walkers and donor’s participation were greatly appreciated.

Upcoming Club Projects and Events:

Sept 28: PDG Roger Spriggs Celebrate the Lions of District 11-B1 Party 2-5pm at the YMCA

Storer Camp, 6941 Stoney Lake Rd, Jackson 49201. Flyer is attached.

Sept 29: Leader Dogs for the Blind 3 Area Club Event 12pm-3:30pm:

We are excited for the upcoming tour of the NEW Leader Dogs For The Blind Canine Center

with catered lunch! We have a large group of almost 30 people attending! Thank you to all who

have registered!

Sept 30, Oct 1, Oct 2, Oct 3, Oct 23, Oct 24: KidSight: The 2019 Fall KidSight Screening are 6

locations scheduled during September and October. At this time all volunteer slots have been

filled by our members, friends and Delta Gamma Sorority members!

Oct 17: Ann Arbor Council of Lions Meeting: PDG LuAnne

Join us at the Classic Cup Cafe at 6:00pm! Participants order off the menu at the start of the

meeting and pay for their own meals. The Council of Lions is comprised of three

representatives from each of the clubs which have been chartered in the City of Ann Arbor.

Currently these clubs are Ann Arbor Host Lions, Ann Arbor Evening Lions, and Huron Valley

Sunrise Lions. The council’s main focus is on providing eye exams and eyeglasses as well as

hearing exams and hearing aids to individuals who live in Ann Arbor and Ypsilanti. Requests

come to the council directly from social workers in the community who have clients in need.

Oct 19: District 11B1 Fall Conference and Parade of Checks: Treas John

Cascades Manor House Jackson, MI 9:00 AM. The Ann Arbor Host Lions Club donates money

every year to the non-profit organizations in our state that are part of the District 11-B1 service

projects. There is a Parade of Checks ceremony at the Fall Conference where our Treasurer,

John Krienke, donates these checks. Each of the district projects will have a table set up with

information to share. All members are welcome to attend. There is a plate of pastries at

breakfast time and lunch of soup and sandwiches. The $11 fee will be covered by our club.

Amy, John, LuAnne & Bob have all indicated that they wish to attend. ACTION ITEM: If you

wish to attend, please RSVP to John Krienke (734) 476-0558 or

Flyer is attached.

Oct 27 – Oct 30: Charity Poker: Co-Chair: Lion Lora Durham, Co-Chair: Lion David Downton:

Charity Poker is our biggest fundraiser during the year and it is really a lot of fun! We typically

volunteer for four poker events a year at the American Legion in Ypsilanti. Each event is four

days, Sunday-Wednesday. We need three volunteer club members per shift. Shifts are

4pm-9:30pm and 9:30pm-2pm. Lora is in the process of securing volunteers for the Oct. 27-30

dates. We can dress up in Halloween costumes on the 30th!

ACTION ITEM: Contact Lora Durham if you wish to volunteer for Charity Poker.

Nov. 8-10 2019 Lions Leadership Institute , Higgins Lake, MI

Deadline to register is Oct. 7th. Through training, individual Lions can grow personally and

professionally, expand their knowledge and skill base, and develop leadership and

organizational skills. Plus, training provides an avenue for individual Lions to network with other

Lions and learn from each other. Lions are innovative, resourceful and determined people who

have knowledge to share, when given the opportunity. Lions build better communities, but

training builds better Lions. Please be sure to submit your applications in as soon as possible.

ACTION ITEM: If you wish to attend the 2018 Lions Leadership Institute you must register.

“We Serve!”


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Did you know...You can join the Ann Arbor Host Lions Club on Facebook for the most current projects, events and workshops. 

Did you know...Last school year Ann Arbor area Lions and their friends provided vision screenings for 516 Ann Arbor area pre-school children. This year we would like to screen 550 pre-school children.  If you know a pre-school program that would like to have the Ann Arbor Host Lions screen their children, please contact us.

Did you know...Last year the Ann Arbor area Lions purchased 84 pairs of eyeglasses for adults and 10 pairs of eyeglasses for children.  The Ann Arbor area Lions Clubs also provided a pair of hearing aides to a senior citizen.

Did you know...Last year the Ann Arbor area clubs collected and sent to be reused at two centers that sanitized, repair eyeglasses, reading glasses and sun glasses.

Did you know...Last year the Ann Arbor Host Lions collect 24 pairs of used hearing aids that were sent to be dismantled, sanitized, rebuilt and made available to those in need.

Did you know...You can, even, put broken eyeglasses of any kind into the Lions recycle boxes along with hearing aids.

Did you know...You can find locations to drop off your eyeglasses and hearing aids by choosing the Recycling Eyeglasses and Hearing Aid Drop Off Locations from the menu at the left.




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