100 Years of Lions!

Lions Clubs celebrates a ‘Century of Service’ at Buckingham PalacThe Countess of Wessex G.C.V.O. as Patron of Lions Clubs of the British Isles held a Royal Reception at Buckingham Palace on Wednesday, 28th February to celebrate a ‘Century of Service’.  HRH has been its Patron since 2004.

Hundreds of Lions members joined together for the 100th Birthday of Lions Clubs International to celebrate this landmark anniversary with the organisations’ partners.

Lion Phil Nathan MBE, Chair of the Centenary Celebrations for Lions Clubs of the British Isles said “let me begin by saying that during our 1st Century of service, Lions Clubs have touched millions of lives of people that needed us. 100 years of service to the community is a remarkable achievement, made possible by the selfless actions of many thousands of individual men and women, each of whom has sought to make ‘their’ community a better place.  As we enter our 2nd Century, the cry for help from those in need will most certainly become louder and we as volunteers are ready to show as Lions, We Care”.

Lions Clubs International focusses through its Lions and Leos members upon major projects that address diabetes, youth, the environment, hunger relief, childhood cancer and sight issues affecting communities throughout the world.


Oh Grover!

Most people in this MD will know Grover. He has been PDG Jim Rowley’s (Babbacome and St Marychurch Lions Club, 105SW) guide dog for the last 9 years. Sadly, in December 2017 Grover was retired on this 11th Birthday. As a tribute to Jim’s Best Friend (Sorry Harry!) this is looking back at their journey and all the wonderful memories they have made together.

Everyone remembers when they first met Grover. I can remember the first time I met the pesky duo. I was 20 years old, had been a member for less than a year and it was my first District Convention in 2012.   I was harassing everyone asking them to sign my First Timers sheet when I saw Grover, Jim, Jackie and of course Harry and Janet Fry. Whist I was besotted playing with Grover, I got the usual from Jim about the organisation and how it was good to finally see young people getting involved. Little did I know that 4 years later I would end up in the same club, calling Grover a “Little ball of fluff” and standing with Jim at the bar of the Conservative Club after our meetings.

I’ve spent the last few weeks talking to both Jim and Jackie getting stories, snippets and photos for this article, and it is clear to see just how well these two work well together. Doing whatever he wants, kicking other people out of the way for his spot at the bar, giving the barmaid “the look” for his drink and making sure everyone who walks past stops and says hello… And that’s just Grover! Talking to Jim he said, “Grover isn’t perfect, he breaks the rules and does what he wants, but so do I, and that’s why we work so well. We know each other and know what the other is going to do before they do it”. Which I’m sure everyone can agree too, especially if there is a treat or beer involved.

Grover has several names and one of them is Houdini. He is a talented escape artist and has been since he was a puppy. There is no boundary fence between Jim and Jackie’s garden and the coastal footpath in St Marychurch. He has gone missing for HOURS before, just wondering around saying hello to everyone in the community, as most people know him.  As a result, they now have a wire fence on top of the wall surrounding their patio area to stop any further Great Escape remakes!

It is safe to say that Grover is basically just as active in Lions as Jim is.  He comes to club fundraisers, business, committee and director meetings, District and Multiple District Conventions and all the bits in between. He even has his own Lions Clubs regalia.

Jim, Jackie and Grover are also annual guests for Christmas at The Cliffden Hotel, Teignmouth. This is also where dynamic duo did their training together in 2008 when Grover was paired with Jim, this is where their journey began.

Jim has said, “Grover has been a faithful friend, an excellent guide and even better companion, he has changed my life”. Some of you may know that Jim will be getting another guide dog, which means Grover will be going to a new home. However, it is one of love, Grover already knows and is pretty much the boss there too.

Grover, you will forever be loved by Babbacombe and St Marychurch Lions Club, 105SW and the whole of MD105. Although you are a dog, you will always be a Lion to us! 

 Merry Christmas! 

Babbacombe and St Marychurch Lions Club would like wish everyone who has supported the club in the run up to Christmas with Generosity and Donations. We hope you have a wonderful Christmas. 

St Marychurch Carole's

Huge thank you to Bay Brass who along with Babbacombe & St. Marychurch Lions Club have raised £520 on St Marychurch Precinct on Saturday 16th and 23rd December.

Bay Brass were fantastic, preforming much loved Carole’s and Christmas songs through out the morning.

Lion Vanessa, who organised the collection with Bay Brass, was joined by Lions David, Geoff, Kim, Wendy, Jodie and Father Christmas!

We hope you all have a Merry Christmas and thank you to everyone who has come to see and support us and the band on the Precinct!

NCI Donation 

At our club meeting tonight Babbacombe and St Marychurch Lions Club presented a cheque for £350 to Teignmouth NCI. Funds that were raised from our Easter Egg raffle have been split between the NCI and the Memory Cafe

Seniors Christmas Lunch 2017! 

Thank you to all who came to our Seniors Christmas launch today at St Anne’s Hall, Babbacombe.

Also a huge Thank you to Lion President Jim and Lions Geoff, Jodie, Vanessa, David, Barbara, Frank, Norman, Kim, Janet, Phil and Mike for all the hard work over the last few weeks and today!

All attended have a buffet spread, Christmas Gift Bags, bingo and two races.

Youth Genesis!

Last night Lions Vanessa, Kim and Jodie attended the Youth Genesis Trust Ltd 10 Year Celebration, which marked all their amazing achievements with young people in Torquay, Paignton, Brixham, Dartmouth and Cranbrook. Second Vice President Lion Jodie was also asked to give a short talk on Lions Clubs International and the work we do which includes supporting youth. 


Whist on stage their walk in group which meets in Shiphay on a Friday night was also presented with a Cheque for £106.98 for portable sports equipment such has football goals and badminton sets. 

Babbacombe & St. Marychurch Lions Club is also excited to be able to work with Youth Genesis with our incredible Youth Portfolios including Peace Poster, Young Leaders in Service and Young Ambassador.

2017 Seniors Christmas Lunch

Every year Babbacombe & St. Marychurch Lions Club host a Senior Christmas Lunch for local residents in Babbacombe and the surrounding area who have been recommended by local housing associations and community groups. 

This year we are hosting the Christmas Lunch on 10th December 2017. 

If you know of anyone or a community group who would be interested please let us know or pass our contact details on to a group coordinator. 

Please note this event is ticket holders only.

Torbay Hospital League of Friends

Peter the Lion presented by Babbacombe and St Marychurch Lions to Torbay Hospital League of Friends as a raffle prize to raise money for their new £1.3 million project for their Endoscopy Unit.

New PR Equipment!

This year Babbacombe and St Marychurch Lions Club have invested in some new Equipment. We have expanded our PR equipment to now include a customised gazebo and feather flag, pop up banner and 7 panel display board. 

Club members have paid for this equipment out of our Admin Fund. Any money we take or raise from the general public does not go into our admin account, all the money in this is from members dues and through in house fundraising such as raffles and fines in meetings and social events.

The new equipment which has been used at Lions on the Downs, World Sight Day and our Race Nights over the summer is to help promote the club. Raising awearness that we are in our community and promote the projects and services that we offer. If you have an up and coming event that you would like us to get involved with then please contact us, details can be found on out "Contact us" page or via Facebook @BBSMLionsClub.  


Members Day Out! 

Wonderful afternoon social at National Trust Knightshayes. Although we serve our community there is a huge social aspect to being a member!


Dartmouth Regatta

Babbacombe & St. Marychurch Lions ClubBrixham Lions Club and Paignton lions have covered the Dartmouth Regatta Park and Ride between Thursday 24th - Saturday 26th August. Another huge team effort for raising funds in The Bay.

Young Ambassador

Every year Lions Clubs host the Young Ambassador competition which gives young people aged 14-19 the chance to win a bursary for a community project! Check out the link below for more info and how to enter!

Summer Race Nights

Every Thursday and Sunday night from 9pm over the summer we are hosting Race Nights at Carlton Hotel Torquay!

Centennial Sponsor! 

Congratulations to Lion Kim who received a Centennial Sponsor Certificate and Badge for sponsoring a new member in our organisations 100th year

New Member! 

June saw the youngest member of the district become a member of Babbacombe & St. Marychurch Lions Club. James has been actively involved with the club for many years as a Leo and has always been hands on. He has transitioned to become a full Lions Club Member on his 18th Birthday. Congratulations James and welcome to the Club!

Easter Egg Raffle 2017

This years Easter Egg Raffle was hugely successful and raised a total of £702.50 for Dementia charities in the bay. Huge thank you to Barclays Bank, The Babbacombe Inn, Thatched Tavern, Newton Abbot Constitution Club, Cut of Class, Salon 10 and Daisy's for all their support!

Chernobyl Children Visit 2017

On 1st July a we are hosting a group of 10 Chernobyl Children here in the bay. We would like to thank Babbacombe Model VillageBabbacombe Cliff Railway CIC and Bygones Torquay for their continued support and donations during these visits over the years.

2017/18 Elected Officers

At our club meeting on 11th April 2017 the club voted for on the incomming officer for Lionistic year 2017/18. We congratulate the sucessful candidates 

2017/18 President - Jim Adams

2017/18 Vice President - Jim Rowley 

2017/18 Second Vice President - Jodie Ward 

2017/18 Secretary - Vanessa Easton  

2017/18 Treasurer - Russ White

Easter Egg Raffle!

Every year Babbacombe and St Marychurch Lions Club holds Easter Egg Raffles within their jurisdictions. The Torbay Book Club has been huge supporters to the club of the years with supplying and customising the eggs. This year Lion President Mike along with First Vice President Jim and Lions Barbra, Norman and Janet went along to collect the 8 Easter Eggs ahead of the half term break. 

These Eggs are have been placed at Barclay's Bank Babbacombe, The Babbacombe Inn, Cut of Class Hairdressers, Daisy's, Newton Abbot Constitutional Club, No 10 Hairdressers and Thatched Tavern. The 8th egg was raffled off at Babbacombe and St Marychurch Lions Clubs 34th Charter Lunch. 

Babbacombe and St Marychurch Lions Club

34th Charter Lunch. 

April 2nd saw Babbacombe and St Marychurch Lions Club celebrated the 34th anniversary of their clubs formation. Lion President Mike hosted the afternoon at the Best Western Livermead Cliff Hotel, Torquay with guests including District Governor Elect Ian Snell and his wife Pat, Torbay MP Kevin Foster, Past District Governor of 105M Harry Fry and his wife Lion Janet as well as guests from Lions Clubs of Paignton, Brixham, Honiton, Sidmouth, Torpoint and Rame and Plymouth Tamar.

During the speeches Lions President Mike awarded two members of the Club with The Presidents Certificate of Appreciation. Lion Vanessa Easton for her supporting role as Club Secretary and Lion Jodie Ward for her role as Club IT and PR Officer .

Waitrose Christmas Collection

Michael from Waitrose Torquay presented a cheque to Babbacombe and St Marychurch Lions Club for £441.00 following the Green Token Community Collection over Christmas. Lion President Mike was joined by Lions Geoff, Vanessa and Jodie for the presentation at the Torquay Store on 18th Feb 2017.

Prostate Cancer UK Donation

On Tuesday 7th Feb 2017 Peter Hoskin from Prostate Cancer UKwas presented with a cheque for £1000 towards investment in new technologies in the Bay. The money which was raised over Christmas from raffles and match funding was presented by 1st Vice President Jim, Fundraising Chairman Phil and Service Chairman Frank.

Boxing Day Race Night!

Boxing Day and another fun and successful fund raiser for the local community! The first of three race nights being hosted by the Derwent and Carlton Hotels, Torquay.

They supply the venue, we provide the event! And what a brilliant afternoon it was. Their lovely guests generously participated in the entertainment and supported our raffle.


Carols in the Precint

Members of the club were down at St Marychurch Precinct on December 10th assisting Bay Brass Torquay with a Christmas Carol Performance and a Collection. Bay Brass donated all the proceedings to Babbacombe and St Marychurch Lions Club which will be used for supporting causes and and around the bay.


Membership Award

On 14th December 2016 Service Chairman Frank Wallis was presented with a membership award for his services to the club. Frank has introduced and sponsored Both Lion Rodger and Lion Susie to the club since the beginning of the centennial challenge in May 2015.

Senior Christmas Party

A Wonderful afternoon on 11th Dcember 2016 at St Ann's Hall for our Senior Christmas Party. A great time was had by both guests and members. Unlimited Tea Pot, Food, Christmas Pudding, Mince Pies, Christmas Songs, Bingo, Sherry and a visit from two Special People!! Huge thanks to Lion Geoff and Lion David who have spent the last year planning for the day to be perfect!!


District Govenors Tractor Run

Paignton lions, Babbacombe & St. Marychurch Lions Club and Brixham LionsClub, which make up Zone F, met District Governor Farmer Fred on his Tractor Ride of the South West for Children's Hospice South West at Asda Paignton on Wednesday 12th October 2016. DG Fred who started his journey at Charlton Farm and ends at Little Harbour via Little Bridge House has visited key areas in each county which make up his district on his silver tractor. DG Fred has raised over £5,000 for CHSW!!


District Donation to Rowcroft

On the 5th Decemebr 2016 Babbacombe and St Marychurch, Paignton and Brixham Lions Clubs presented Rowcroft Hospice with a cheque for £460 as part of our Imediate Past District Govenors charity. IPDG Lesley Clarke split a total sum acorss Hospices in acorss Cornwall, Devon and Somerset.

By providing comfort, support and specialist services in patients’ homes, in the community and at our Inpatient Unit in Torquay, Rowcroft Hospice Care enable families to share precious and joyful moments when they are needed most – whether it’s a beautiful wedding, remarkable reunion, simple thank you or gentle cuddle.

Their premises in Torquay, their team of doctors, nurses, social workers and a range of other health and social care professionals provide specialist care in the Inpatient Unit.

They also care for out-patients and their loved ones, offering therapies, bereavement support and medical consultation in an environment that helps patients and families make the most of precious time together.

From Dartmouth to Dawlish, they care for ¾ of patients in their own homes with a team of community nurses, social workers, occupational therapists and bereavement counsellors delivering a holistic approach tailored to individual needs

District Forum at Okehampton

November 6th saw six members of the club attend our district forum in Okehampton. Lion President Mike along with Lions Vanessa, David, Kim, Pauline and Jodie spent the day at Okehampton College along with over 100 members of 105SW from Devon, Cornwall and Somerset to not only learn more about Lions Club International as an organisation but discover what is going in the district with community projects, ideas for new fundraising ideas and presentations from charities supported from across the South West.

The day itself saw Music for the Deaf and Children’s Hospice South West give presentations with what they have achieved, their future plans and how as an organisation we can help and support them.

The day also saw presentations from Lions with in the District, PDG Lion Brenda Wood updated the district on our Centennial Celebrations. 2017 marks the 100th year of Lion Club International and as part of the celebrations Lions Club Multiple District of 105 British Isles and Ireland have been working to achieve milestone goals and celebrating in their communities. The Day also Saw presentation from Johnny Burnard who took part in our Youth Exchange programme to Russia over the summer, and a Presentation from Lion Jodie Ward on her work with Young Leaders in Service and Cornwall College.

The Babbacombe Leo!

Babbacombe and St Marychurch associate member James has been presented with his Certificate from Millfiled Leo Club by District Youth Chairperson Lion Jodie. James who was previously a members of Torbay Leo Club has transferred to Millfiled Leo Club as an associate member following the closure of the Leo Club in the Bay. As a club we would like to congratulate James and thank him for all his continued support.

Torbay Leo Club Closure

It is with great sadness that Babbacome and St Marychurch Lions Club announce the closure of Torbay Leo Club. This was a joint youth project taken on by Babbacombe and St Marychurch Lions Club and The Lions Club of Torquay who sadly folded at the end of their 50th year in the bay. Although the club has taken the choice to fold the Leo Club they are still invovlved with youth projects and support children and young adults in their local community.

If anyone is interested in taking part in any of the Lions Club International Youth Projects then please get in touch.

Visiting Lions

Thursday 23rd September Lions Tony and Annette Mitchinsom, members of Lakes Entrance, Victoria Lions Club Australia, met with Lion President Mike and Lion Phil on their holiday to the UK which saw them visiting Torquay. Tony and Annette discussed fundraising ideas and techniques with our members which are successful with their club and have taken back the concept of our Crockery Smashing with them before sharing club friendship banners. Tony and Annette were on a six week tour of the UK and were continuing onto Southampton for a cruise of the Mediterranean before heading back to Australia.

Torbay Air Day 2016

Lions Club of Babbacome and St Marychurch attend the Torbay Air Show with the famous Crockery Smashing stand down on Paignton Green. Whilst at the air show Typhoon Pilot Mark Long and the Typhoon Engineering and support team visited the clubs stall. Members discussed with the team the background of both the organisation and the club as well as how they have been serving the local community.


Lions on the Downs 2016

Sunday 3rd July saw the return of Lions on the Downs. The day was a huge sucess with the club taking over £2000 on the day between out raffle stalls, crockery smashing, teddy bears and food tent. The day saw a mixture of charity and business stalls which included Paignton Lions Club, My Aware, Centre Peace, Pocket Money Picks, Torbay NCI, Birds of Prey, Disabled sailing association, THNN, Cindy Stocks, John Renton Jewellery, Face Painting, Classic cars via Norman, Children's Fun Fayre and Spotty Owl Gifts.

Torbay Leo Club

In April 2013, Babbacombe & St. Marychurch Lions Club, in a joint venture with Torquay Lions Club, formed and chartered an Alpha Leos Club with 28 members. All the new Leo's attend EF, a Torquay based English Language School, and hail from various countries including Italy and Russia. The new Club was named Torbay Leos. The Lions who worked so hard to set this up were Lion Wendy Chandler, Lion Vanessa Easton (Babbacombe and St Marychurch Lions Club) and Lion Geoff Payne (Torquay Lions Club).

Young Leaders in Service

Young Leaders in Service award presented at Babbacombe & St Marychurch Charter Lunch by District Officer Leslie Chudley.

12 months ago Derek Stone was invited by Lion Phil Tozer to join Babbacombe & St Marychurch Lions Club. Before he became a Lion Derek help at numerous fundraising and social events. After a very short time his 13 year old son James asked if he could also come along to help. Obviously we are always grateful for any help and James very soon proved to be a very useful young person to have around. Young being the operative word!

It was very quickly suggested to James that he take on the Young Leaders in Service Award which he did and within 6 months James had completed his 100 hours. On 23rd March at Babbacombe & St Marychurch Lions Club’s Charter Lunch James was awarded his Young Leaders in Service Badge and Gold Certificate from District Officer Lion Leslie Chudley. James’s parents Lion Derek his wife Jackie and sister Jasmine were there to share the day.

James receives his Badge & Gold Certificate from Lion Leslie Chudley 


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