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Loaning Vitrectomy Chairs ("V-chairs")

Recovery from Vitrectomy surgery often requires a patient to keep his/her head face down from as little as 5 days to as long as three weeks. 

The Barnstable-Yarmouth Lions Club now has 2 Vitrectomy chairs that can be loaned out for no charge. 

These chairs provide a complete support system that includes a 2 way mirror in order see his/her surroundings, more easily talk to other people and watch TV. 

For inquiry on obtaining a loaner call- 508-362-3214

or 860-301-6383



Vision Screening for local school children

The Barnstable-Yarmouth Lions Club is one of of several Cape Cod clubs that use the Welch-Allyn Spot Vision Screener to vision screen elementary school children and high school sophomores.

The Spot is a handheld device that enables efficient screening for schools.  It provides a relaible and objective assessment and instantly detects several possible vision issues. 

Eyeglass collections

The Barnstable-Yarmouth Lions Club has a number of eyeglass collection boxes in various locations in Barnstable and Yarmouth.  Seems like the most popular boxes are these two located at the Transfer Stations in both towns.



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