The Brooklyn Park Lions mission is To Serve..  The money we raise goes directly back to the community.

Brooklyn Park Lions have served Brooklyn Park and its citizens since 1963.  We are one of the 46,000 clubs and 1.35 million members of Lions which make us the world's largest service club organization. The Brooklyn Park Lions proudly do whatever is needed to help our communities.  Children who need eyeglasses and hearing aids;  youth needing hosing and services; military families looking for aid and support; plus Brooklyn Park itself; are a few of the areas we touch with our money, sweat, and support.

We meet monthly to plan and sponsor fundraising activities which will ultimately go to keeping the above programs operational.  We speak and listen to community leaders and organization on how to better manage and serve our city and their needs for help.  We spend the winter weekends helping keep warming houses open to our Brooklyn Park citizens.  We work many hours on food drives for CEAP to help keep their food shelves full.  We actively support the city with the Tater Daze celebration, both with money and volunteers.

You will find us during the year raising money by serving pancake and waffle breakfasts; and our World Famous Smelt Fry.  We proudly serve our national organization with their activities and programs.  Last year we contributed almost $25,000 last year to these organizations, plus we worked thousand's of hours in Brooklyn Park to make a difference in our community.

If you are interested in joining the Brooklyn Park Lions, please come and join us at one of our monthly dinner programs.  If you’d like to support our efforts, come to our fundraising events throughout the year.  The men and women of our club would love to meet you.  If you live in the community and need additional help, contact us to see if we can assist.  

We serve!

  Here are some of the programs we support   

Brooklyn Park School Districts 279, 287, & 11;  
MN Hearing Foundation;  
State Services for the Blind;  
Brooklyn Bridge;  
Camp Courage;  
Sight II Program;  
MN Lions Eye Bank;
Eyeglasses & Hearing Aids for Local School Children;  
Tater Daze;   
MN  5M5 Hearing Foundation;  
Children's Eye Clinic;  
5M5 Lions Youth Exchanges;  
Diabetes Foundation;  
Special Olympics;  
Project New Hope;
Girl Scouts;  
Boy Scouts;   
Salvation Army;  
BP Drum and Bugle Core;   
Can Do Canines;  
HOPE 4 Youth; 
National Guard;  
Families Moving Forward;  
Homeward Bound;
Positive Image;  
American Heritage Girls
Lions Clubs International News
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