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As a club, we have supported 5M5 Lions programs dealing with events aimed at entertaining kids with special needs.  Originally, 5M5 developed a Halloween Party where these kids could come in Halloween costumes to enjoy games, prizes, entertainment and food all in a safe accessible environment.  Kids were bussed out to Camp Courage for this entertainment, and while we presented the program to these kids, funds were raised which helped Camp Courage stay in good repair and safe,  5M5 supported these kids where local agencies were missing.

Over the years local agencies saw the need for entertaining these kids and developed some very nice parties right in the twin cities.  Fewer and fewer kids came to our event so the idea was to find a way 5M5 could still entertain these specials kids in a way that would be special.  The idea was to present an Enchanted Forest Party to kids already participating in summer camping programs.  Camp Friendship was our new home to entertain and support these kids in a way that would be special in their lives.  

In 2014, we saw over 200 kids  impacted by this event.  The event had its issues and problems which may or may not be manageable in the future.  Over a 4th of the Lions involved in this event were Lions from Brooklyn Park.  Our members.helped present this event and made it the success it was.  

Work is being done now to see how this can be handles where the Kids,Lions and Special programs can work together and make it successful.   The following are videos from our 2014 Enchanted Forest Party and this year's Ghostly Gala

I hope you enjoy it.

Lion Dick


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