Why Be a Lion?

          We have all been asked this question over and over again. The number of answers probably equals the number of Lions asked. Here are a few I came up with.

          Lionism’s motto “We Serve” is a challenge which we can always strive toward, but never meet. The motto does not say we serve a certain group or we serve in a particular way. Lions serve by selling raffle tickets, building ramps, cooking at senior citizens events or supporting international charities. Each Lion can serve in a special, individual way, but can never say that the job is done as long as somewhere someone in the world is in need.

          Lionism provides a framework for service. The club and its rituals come from Lions Clubs International. L.C.I.F., the Leader Dog School for the Blind, and the Eye Institute are all projects supported by our local work. Similarly, the international organization makes it possible for Lions who don’t even know each other to work together on disaster relief, medical research, and clinics around the world. Lionism lets us tackle problems which are not only too big for an individual, but too much for small groups or clubs.

          Lionism is local. Lions serve senior citizens dinner at the Star Lake Nutrition Site. Lions buys eyeglasses and readers for their neighbors. Student artists from the Clifton-Fine Central School send a peace poster entry to district, national, and international competition. Route 3 near Cranberry Lake is cleaner because our club picks up the garbage twice a year. The televisions at the Clifton-Fine Hospital are free and the Clifton-Fine Arena was built because Lions care.

          Lionism is a tradition. When a new Lion joins the club, that member is given a vest, pins and a hat representing over 90 years of Lionism. The meetings include a tail twister, bell, and banner which have been used for fifty years. Whether it’s “I Got That Lions Spirit”, the Lions Prayer, or the Lions Toast, Lions share traditions whenever we get together.

          Whether it’s the pleasure of serving our fellow man or the seeing old friends, Lions find plenty of good answers to the question  “Why be a Lion”? 

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