How will you use your eyes?

          Right now, of course, you are using your eyes to read this, but later today you might use them when you drive the car, take a walk, or do some housework. Think of all the great things your eyes see-the faces of the people you love, flowers, stars. But there are thousands who will never see any of those things without our help. That’s why the Clifton-Fine Lions, and Lions Clubs International, are asking you to give us your eyes when you’re done using them.

            That’s right, we’re asking you to give us your eyes.

            Not now, naturally, but when you die your eyes can bring light and sight to a blind person. By filling out a simple eye donor card, you can give the gift of sight to someone. It will take less than five minutes and there is no cost to you, now or ever. The Lions will keep the card on file and, when you are done using your eyes, they will make sure your eyes open a whole new world to someone.

            Donated eyes are used a variety of ways. The most common one is for a corneal transplant to restore sight to someone whose own corneas did not develop properly or were injured. Another use is research on the causes of and cures for blindness as well as improving eye surgery.

            Please contact the Clifton-Fine Lions at P.O. Box 83, Star Lake, New York 13690 for an eye donor card.

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