What is the Point?



  • All soaps are starting to look the same
  • There’s little but repeats on TV
  • There’s so much locally and across the world where help  is needed but how can I be involved in giving some help
  • Football is on for only part of the time plus my team is rubbish
  • Life can be so boring and what does it all mean anyway?
  • There’s often just too much time on my hands
  • What else can I meaningfully do with all this experience and these skills?
  • How can I meet with others where gender and ethnicity doesn’t matter?
  • Though work and my social life is okay, surely there must be more?
  • How can I really help those from my community and elsewhere                                                                                

And what’s the simple answer?  Volunteer with Corby Lions and give what time, no matter how small, you can. Oh! And enjoy the social part too.

It's so easy to put more into your life by finding out what being part of Corby Lions is all about!

Call Jenny Clark on 01536 204000, Email : or Message us on Facebook

45 Years of Community Action by Corby Lions

Corby Lions is celebrating 45 years of providing assistance to those in need both locally and beyond the town and to mark the occasion there will shortly be a dinner attended by members, their partners, friends and guests at the Raven Hall next to the Raven Hotel Inn on Rockingham Road . Much has happened in those forty five years with, as membership has increased, more being undertaken to raise money for chartable use, to entertain and facilitate.

One example is the Corby Lions Funday being held on June 30th at East Carlton Park just off the A427 west of Corby. As the name suggests, this will undoubtedly be a day of fun with lots to see and enjoy by children of all ages, tiny tots up to mature adults. Bring your dog along to perhaps enter the canine competition or visit the bulldog rescue stall, there’s crafts, the Autumn Centre, children’s books, fashion jewellery and watches, rides, games and so much more. The park café will be open and other refreshments and food will be available within the Funday itself. Oh! don’t forget, the town’s very own Corby Radio will be on site providing none stop music and entertainment. It’ll be a great event.

Entry will be from 10am until 4pm and it’s free though the members of Corby Lions sincerely hope donations will be offered upon entry with the monies collected being added to the club’s charity fund so every penny will do good.

Would membership of Corby Lions interest you? Use what time you can afford, your skills and experiences to give something back to your community. And, coming to the Funday will enable you to find out what it’s all about by visiting the Corby Lions stall on site.

AC Cobra Replica Impresses Enthusiasts at Corby Lions Event

Local car restoration buff Mike Crane bought his immaculate L and R Roadsters Ram replica AC Cobra kit car along to the classic car section of the recent Corby Lions Funday. And those that saw it were blown away by its finish and stunning appearance.

Mike explained that the original donor vehicle was a 1978 Daimler/Jaguar and the Cobra retains the original Daimler registration plate. The chassis was originally designed by Adrian Reynard, a F1 race engineer and is of a space frame design, optimised to take a Jaguar rear axle, suspension parts and brakes.

The engine is a Chevy 350 ci small block engine but over bored to 383 ci, which equates to 6.3 litres. This impressive motor is further enhanced with a Holley 750 "double pumper" carburettor, high lift cam, roller rockers and gas flowed heads with the whole package producing around an awesome 400 BHP. Then, the power finds its way to the tarmac via a gearbox from a Toyota Supra and finally through a Jaguar Powerlok differential.

“Although work on the Cobra was believed to have begun at sometime in the late 90's”, Mike explained, “I've owned the car for approximately 12 years and have refurbished and renewed a number of its component parts to improve its driveability and reliability”.

Corby Lions members were very grateful to Mike for bringing his car to the Funday and hope that together with other fellow enthusiasts they will be bring their cars along next year to add to the other many attractions of the next fabulous Corby Lions Funday at the end of June 2020.

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