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But What's Our Top Priority Project?
It's simple really. Everything we do is toward the support of those mainly in our local community but when a need arrises; such as in an emergency of disaster situation, we extend that support to national and sometimes international communities. Using funds we raise through our activities we give help where we can to charities and similar organisations. But it might be more than financial assistance as we also help to get things done or act as facilitators for projects and functions.
Corby Lions is part of Lions International, which is truly international in no less that 208 countries with close on to 1.5 million members all dedicated to their communities just like all of us in Corby Lions

 Message in a Bottle

The Lions, Message In a Bottle scheme is a free simple idea designed to encourage people to keep their personal and medical details on a standard form and in a common location -------------

- in the Fridge                           

Why in the Fridge? The bottle is kept safely in the fridge, where the emergency services will be able to find it and your personal medical information in the event of being called to your home

How will They Know Where to Look? Firstly, they are used to this scheme but they will certainly know you have a bottle by the two labels supplied with the bottle that you stick on the inside of the front door or on the main entrance to your home and the other is for the door of your fridge

For your very own Message in a Bottle call John Tel : 01536 741509, Email : or Message us on Facebook : CorbyLions


 Message in aWallet

The Lions Message in a Wallet is a small folding card that is simply completed with your contact, medical and medication information in case of an emergency, then fold it so it can be conveniently carried in a wallet or purse


Image result for lions message in a wallet images

The image shows an enlarged Message in a Wallet card

       To obtain you own FREE Message in a Wallet call 

              John Tel : 01536 740509, Email : or Message us on Facebook

Used Glasses Collection

Recycle Your Old Glasses Thanks to Corby Lions

No longer need you waste your old used glasses and sunglasses; even damaged ones, sitting in the back of cupboards or drawers when no longer wanted. Thanks to Corby Lions and with the help of Specsavers, Eye to Eye, Joseph’s and even Tesco Opticians who all have collection bins, you can donate your unwanted spectacles for onward use by others.

It’s unbelievable but the members of Corby Lions have so far collected a remarkable 162,664 pairs of glasses that would otherwise be wasted. But why do you ask? Well it’s simple because in many countries such as in Africa and elsewhere men, women and children of all ages all who have sight problems can have their lives changed with your old glasses after the prescription is assessed and recorded then cleaned, refurbished and packed ready to be sent to someone who matches that prescription.

But we still need more, many more to give those with poor eyesight a chance for a normal life at school, in the home, at work and elsewhere. Those opticians in Corby will accept your old spectacles and hopefully, there will be more places soon. Should you have problems with depositing glasses call John - Tel : 01536 741509, Email : lionsof or Message us on Facebook

Free for You but Priceless to Those in Need



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