GREAT JOB!!!!!!!
Thanks so much to everyone who helped today.  We handled out LOTS of water and everyone appreciated a nice cool bottle of water.
I'm going to attempt to name the Lions that worked today, in the hot sun and miles of walking, hehehe
PDG Art, Rick, Judy, Mary Ann, Rose, David, Jimmy, James, Susan, Tommy, Carl, & Eva.
Of course we also have to thank those who donated cases of water: PDG Harry/Betty, Pat/Louis, ( and many of our members) Krogers, RainSoft, Chain, Willis Lions, District 2S2 (a few from other clubs), and those that worked today brought water, ice coolers, etc and I'm sure I probably forgot someone.  Ice was donated by Oscar, FBC Groceville, Sonic and Peet Jr High. We had approx. 4000 bottle of water to hand out. 
There was soooooo many different people that helped make this a great community project, so many that I could not list them all in one email.  It was great, being out in the community, being seen, providing a great service.  We all wore our vests and the thousands of people attending the event KNEW Cut & Shoot Family Lions was the ones with the cool water!!!!
Again, thanks to everyone of you for making this a great project!!!!!!!
And for those not attending, you're wondering if anyone got drenched with so much water around, well yes, someone did and you missed it.  Am I telling???? no way, you have to wait for the pictures, hehehehe
Hope everyone had as much fun as I did!!!!!
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