IN MEMORIAM            

LION MARION B. SNIDER (1914 - 2010)


Park Cities Lions remember Lion Marion as our talented musical accompanist; Oak Cliff Lions as their Club President, Lions International as their sixteen-year International Convention pianist; gospel singers as one of their star recording artists and recipient of multiple awards from the music world.
Whether being inducted into the Southern Gospel Hall of Fame, serving as President of the Past District Governor's Association, holding the Melvin Jones Award, composing, playing, or teaching gospel music, Lion Marion embodied our motto: "WE SERVE."
Born and raised in Collin County, Lion Marion's Texas roots were deep and strong. Married 70 years to beloved Belle, his offspring include son (Charles) and daughter (Marianne), one grandchild, and one great-grandchild.
Lion Marion served in the U.S. Navy as an assistant chaplain during World War II. His love of America was an abiding core value that he magnified throughout his illustrious life.
On November 14, 2010, God's "pearly gates" opened for Lion Marion. The heavenly Choir is singing with renewed exaltation. How blessed thousands of lives are for having been touched by a true servant of the Lord.
By Lion Bob Trotter
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