Camp Burnett

Camp Burnett is a year-round camp and youth recreational center, owned and operated by the Dallas Park Cities Lions Club since 1952. It is comprised of 48 acres of beautiful wooded land on the south shore of Lake Grapevine.

The purpose of this camp is to provide, without cost, the opportunity for underprivileged children and other supervised youth groups of the Dallas area, such as Boy Scouts, Girl Scouts, YMCA, YWCA, church groups and orphanages to experience nature in its natural, non-commercialized state. A rare treat for these city children.

Improvements to the camp have been made from year to year. Today its facilities include a large brick clubhouse, a steel and concrete hut, toilets, lavatories, large camp sites, picnic areas, a softball diamond, and acres of untouched wooded countryside. A caretakers house is on the grounds and a full time caretaker is employed to oversee maintenance of the property and protect it from vandalism.


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