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July 2022 - 1st Edition - Welcome back Lion Kirby and best of luck with the bulletin once again. I know the club is in good hands. 

September 2022 - 2nd Edition - School is open and the kids are back to in person. So for those of us with kids still in school, enjoy the read. 

October 2022 - 3rd Edition - Halloween is upon us my friends and the litle ghosts and goblins will be out once again.  

November 2022 - 4th Edition - "Lest We Forget" - all the news that you wanted to remember. 

December 2022 - 5th Edition - Merry Christmas and a Very Happy New Year to all.  

January 2023 - 6th Edition - A NEW YEAR and a NEW START for the EAST PETERBOROUGH LIONS CLUB.

February 2023 - 7th Edition - It's time to start look at a new executive board...ITS ELECTION TIME. 

A touch of our PAST

March 2023 - 8th Edition - It all begins with the Luck of the IRISH! 

April 2023 - 9th Edition - Here come Peter Cotton Tail, hoping with the East Peterborough Happy Easter Everyone. 

May 2023 - 10 Edition - April showers may bring May flowers but I will take the sunshine anytime...enjoy the read my friends. 

Our Historical Records

September 2021 - 1st Edition - Great work and probably the first time a blind person has been the editor for a bulletin. Thank you Zone Chair Lion Kirby Park for helping Lion Devon Wilkins and Franky put this together. 

October 2021 - 2nd Edition - Well this month Lion Makaya Dafoe helped put this together and once again we have a great paper to show off to our members and those who care. 

December 2021 - 3rd Edition - A little bit later but what a wondeful edition once again. 

January 2022 - 4 Edition - Well here we are once again. Always busy, always working and ALWAYS moving forward. 

February 2022 - 5th Edition - Not a lot happening but that never stops the East Peterborough Lions from bragging about what has been done. 

March 2022 - 6th Edition - Here come the SUN! Things are starting to pickup and the club is starting to pick up speed. Sure things change but being a Lion we challenge change and face it head on. 

May 2022 - 7th Edition - The end of the Lions 2021 - 2022 Lions year is drawing near but that doesn't mean we will be slowing down. 



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