Committees for 2022 - 2023

This year we looked at doing something slightly different in order to create more harmony among the members and to help keep them better informed about what is happening within our club. Each officer that ran for office was placed in a Chair position in coordination with International policies. this enables us to have people at the Executive meetings that know what is happening in their committees as well as helping them to learn better what is needed from their members. 

Lion Michelle Amos - Marketing and Communications Committee

  • Under this title your committee will be responsible for the club Bulletn, Public relations, and photography. As well as the Club E-Webpage and the Club Facebook page

1st Vice President TBD - Health and Eductaion Committee

  • under this title your committee will oversee but not be limited to sight and hearing projects; Diabetes and Cancer Awareness; Heart and Stroke Awareness; Organ Donor Awareness; Hospital Kits; Dog Guides (both LFC and Leader Dogs); Peterborough Regional Health Centre and Kingston Hospital.             

 Lion Nadine MacIntyre - Program and Entertainment Committee 

  • This committee will oversee, but not be limited to arranging Guest Speakers; special events nights for the Club; visitations and news of Conventions. 

Secretary Lion Lori Loucks - Community Betterment Committee

  • This committee will oversee community requests for assistance; as well as community organziation requests from organizations such as Y.E.S., Kawartha Foodshare, Easter Seals, Royal Canadian Legion, Brock Mission, Peterborough Humane Society. Produce for Heroes, Safe Beds

Lion Tamer Lion Wayne Halstead - Bingo Committee

  • This committee will oversee the organziaing of workers for the Bingo along with keeping the Bingo records for the club. 

Treasurer Lion Laura Frisina - Operations Committee

  • This committee will oversee such items to help the functioning of the club. Items such as Insurance, the postal box, Club expenses, trailer expenses, and other day to day operations of the club. 

Membership Chair Lion Carol Taylor - Membership Committee

  • This committee will oversee items related to the betterment of the members of the club. Items such as name tags, club shirts, the Sunshine committee, induction programs, new member programs, membership programs, as well as membership issues. 

1 yr Director Lion Joan Hague - Youth Committee

  • This committee will oversee youth sports, the Peace Poster contest, the Effective Speaking contest, Lions Quest, Special Olympics, Kawartha Haliburton Children's Aid Society Youth Cupboard, Camp Kerry, Camp Dorset, Almost Home, The Daughter's Project, Compass Early Learning Centre, Kawartha Haliburton Children's Foundation, Five Counties and School bursaries. 

1 yr. Director Lion Mike Brioux - Environment Committee 

  • This committee will oversee recycling programs, park and trail cleanups and environmental projects.


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