Advantages of Becoming a Lion

Along with making our communities a better place to live there are personal advantages for becoming a Lion. Many leadership, communications, and team building skills can be learned and practiced when working on projects/programs for the Lions. Learning how to run meetings and organize projects use the same skills that business people use every day at work and home.

The many programs that the Lions support locally, statewide, or internationally help you to understand the needs of others. The satisfaction that comes when helping to improve the lives of others as a volunteer is better than any cash reward. Volunteerism provides self­gratification in the knowledge that you left your community a better place to live by what you did through Lionism.

Another advantage of becoming a Lion is the very satisfying friendship and fellowship developed among Lions and those they work with. Many lasting friends are made because of the common beliefs we all have in Lionism.

We are always looking for civic minded citizens who are willing to donate some time and effort toward making our communities better places in which to live.




Want to join the worlds largest service organization?

Please consider taking a look at becoming a Lion and help to provide service to your community while having a great time doing so. Our Eau Claire Seymour Club meets once per month with informal gatherings during the summer months. We have one major fund raiser (April) and a few, single events during the remaining months. Come take a no obligation visit to any club meeting/event and judge for yourself....I believe you'll like what you see!

Guests are welcome to attend our meetings. Contact membership chair Lion Jeff Voss at: for club information & to obtain a  FREE dinner ticket!!!


 2023-2024 Officers

Red: Newly Elected

President-Kent Gierhart

Secretary-Jim Murray

Treasurer-Stuart Lorentz

1st VP- Brad Stoughton

2nd VP-John Phellps

3rd VP-Troy Winrich

Membership-Jeff Voss

Lion Tamer-Dan Sheehan

Tail Twister-Josh Sterling

1 Yr Directors: Gene Koci & Don Peterson

2 Yr Directors: Terry McDougall & Dave Roubal

Past President: MB Siakpere

Updated officers 07/01/2023


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