Cornea Eye Tissue Transport
Lions Eye Bank of Wisconsin (LEBW) is responsible for facilitating eye tissue recovery with healthcare staff and organ procurement organizations (OPO’s). Our skilled Recovery Technicians travel to hospitals and other facilities to recover tissue. Once the tissue has been recovered, our dedicated team of volunteers, LEBW Transporters, relay tissue until it reaches the LEBW office, where it is evaluated to ensure it is safe for transplantation.

In 1905, the first cornea transplant was performed. Over the last century, corneal transplantation has evolved into various techniques focused on the selective replacement of diseased and injured cornea. Recovery of eye tissue takes place within hours of death. In the U.S., corneas are vial for up to 14 days after recovery, but most transplants occur within a few days of recovery.

Our Eau Claire Seymour Lions team of tissue transporters form a  relay team to the Lions Eye Bank of Wisconsin (LEBW) to be prepared for implantation, and transport the tissue back to hospitals for implantation in vision-needy individuals.
Early Childhood Vision Screening
Our Eau Claire Seymour Lions have been certified to provide preliminary vision screening for pre-schoolers and elementary students, holding the screenings at various times during the school year.  A SPOT screening devise can detect six areas of deficiency which, if getting professional attention, can avoid future sight problems including blindness.
Cancer/Diabetes Education and Support
Lions Club International, LCIF and other organizations such as our Eau Claire Seymour club provide education to fight diabetes/cancer thru education in our community
Eyeglass & Hearing Support
Youth Exchange Participation
Since 1961, Lions clubs have committed themselves to broadening international awareness among the young people of the world through the Lions International Youth Exchange Program. This program, unlike many others, is not conducted for the purposes of formal education or employment. Rather, it is designed to provide young men and women with a unique opportunity to experience another culture by being fully immersed into its daily lifestyle by living with a family. Our club sponsors youth from various countries.
Park/Highway Cleanup
Twice per year the Eau Claire Seymour Club cleans Hwy 93
plus local parks as shown in these pictures
     Salvation Army Red Kettle/Bell Ringing 

Eau Claire Seymour 'Ringing the Bells' for the Salvation Army at local sites each

November & December.

All proceeds go to the SA programs within our community


Lions Mints 


Regular routes throughout the year


Used Eyeglass/Hearing Aid/Hearing Aid Batteries/Cell Phone Collection

Members pickup eyeglasses throughout the year at various locations

See locations under Eyeglass Tab



Every month throughout the year club members deliver to local households

in Eau Claire












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