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The Englewood Lions Club provides free or low-cost health services for children and adults in the Englewood area.  These include vision, diabetes, and hearing screenings and care.  Services are organized into several programs:

Venice and Englewood Lions Vision-Screening and Eye Care Program

Since 1987, through the generosity of Venice residents Alfred and Ingeborg Keerl, the Venice and Englewood Lions Clubs sponsor a Vision Screening and Treatment program for area residents. Offered in cooperation with the Venice Medical Center and area doctors, the Eye Care Program offers everything from vision screening and surgeries to eye glasses at no cost to those meeting certain financial guidelines.
Who can get help?
Any person, adult or child, living in Venice or Englewood can receive vision care after proving financial eligibility and residency.
What do I do to get help?
The first step is to determine financial eligibility. Contact the Venice and Englewood Lions Club’s Vision Center at 941-837-2789 (New number effective 9/8/2022). Applicants must have information on monthly income and expenses to prove eligibility. A picture ID and proof of residency is also required.
The examination
After the application is approved, applicants will be scheduled and contacted by mail for an upcoming vision-screening appointment. Screenings are held the first Thursday of each month at the Venice and Englewood Lions Club’s Vision Center, Venice Health Park, Jacaranda Blvd and Center Road in Venice.
Along with vision screening and a glaucoma examination, blood pressure and blood-sugar monitoring are offered. The blood-sugar test is particularly important in the identification of diabetes. Diabetes is a leading cause of blindness. A hearing test is also offered.
If screening personnel determine that further care is required, participants will be referred to an ophthalmologist or optometrist who is participating in the program. Any eye surgery that might be necessary will be performed at facilities approved and covered by the Lions program. Examinations and glasses are provided every two years.

Diabetes Screening Program

The Englewood Lions have certified volunteers who perform blood-sugar screenings at various events and locations in the Englewood area throughout the year.  Diabetes is a leading cause of blindness so the identification and treatment of diabetes meshes well with the traditional Lions emphasis on vision.

And, in association with the Florida Lions Diabetic Retinopathy Foundation, we have access to a special device that allows us to screen for diabetic retinopathy at events in the local area, including at the Englewood Community Care Clinic.  Diabetic Retinopathy is an eye condition often associated with diabetes, and, untreated, can lead to serious vision problems or even blindness.

Contact the Englewood Lions for more information.

Children's Vision Screening Program

The Englewood Lions Club offers free vision screenings for children as young as 6 months old, using state-of-the-art equipment that identifies six common problems that need to be treated.  Working at preschools, day-care centers, and other locations, we have screened hundreds of children - about 10% are referred for examination by eye-care professionals because potential problems are found.

Contact the Englewood Lions for more information.

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